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Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 26th February 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Gitanjali going to the accident site with Kavya and Choti Maa. Police stops her asking her not to go ahead. Police gets the jeep out of the river. Gitanjali shouts for Abhimanyu. Choti Maa stops her. Gitanjali asks inspector about Abhimanyu. Inspector says we got this box and watch in the river. Gitanjali says its Abhimanyu’s watch, I gave him this watch, this works with heartbeat, it can’t stop. Gitanjali says no, he is alive as I m alive. Inspector says accident is deadly, maybe his body got far in the waters. Kavya cries. Gitanjali asks why are you crying, nothing happens to him.

Rishabh hears the windy storm and windows battling. Someone holds his hand. Rishabh says Abhimanyu, its you right, we were worried, someone said your car met with an accident.

Gitanjali’s breath stopped, but you are here, what’s this drama, why don’t you say, speak up. Someone fills the bullet in pistol. Rishabh asks Abhimanyu why did you take my pistol, keep it back. He shouts. Gitanjali comes and hugs Rishabh, saying police said Abhimanyu died, he will come back, tell them he promised me, how shall I believe he died. Rishabh says yes, he is alive, he is here. Choti Maa asks where, there is no one.

Rishabh says I was here, he held my hand and went there. He finds the pistol in the box. Choti Maa says there is no one here. Rishabh says I can’t make a mistake, he was here just now. Gitanjali says he is alive. Choti Maa says he is gone, much far. Gitanjali says he did not die.

Gitanjali calls inspector and asks him to find Abhimanyu any way, maybe he needs your help. Inspector says our search team is finding him, we have less hope. She says till I see him, I can’t believe it. The call catches some frequency. She hears Abhimanyu. She gets shocked.

She asks where are you Abhimanyu. He says I promised, I will come back, I will surely come. She asks where are you, hello… The call connects back to inspector. She says just now Abhimanyu spoke to me, did you also hear it, line had disturbance, he said he will come back. He says what are you saying, I did not hear anything, I was waiting for your response, we could not find anything about Abhimanyu. She says even if no one can hear him, I know it was Abhimanyu, I know you will come back to me. She falls asleep.

Gitanjali wakes up and sees some black clothes clad women entering the haveli. She calls out Kavya and Choti Maa. They all catch her. Gitanjali tries to run away. The old lady comes to her. Gitanjali says I said he is alive, he did not die. The old lady makes her perform rituals, and says he did not die, he is close to you, you know this, he is teasing you, don’t say anyone as no one will believe you. Gitanjali gets tensed and falls. The women surround her.

Gitanjali hears the old song Lag jaa gale… and runs inside the haveli. She goes to her room and sees the disc playing. Rishabh comes and stops the player. She asks were you playing this. He says you know I don’t like this song. She says then Abhimanyu played this, its his fav song. He says police stopped search, he is dead. She says I can’t believe he died, police has no proof, maybe Abhimanyu is missing. He says he is dead. She says if he is dead, why does he sign me that he is alive. He says why is he afraid to come in front of us, coward. He breaks the disc. She says no, he did not die.

After 6 years, Gitanjali goes and wishes happy Sankranti to Choti Maa. The people fly kites. Gitanjali also flies the kite. Choti Maa says Gitanjali has to accept that Abhimanyu died, even Chanda’s husband died, how to explain Gitanjali. Gitanjali’s kite gets cut. Gitanjali sees the thread in hands.

Kavya talks to her friend and says I can’t come on any trip, why are you calling me. Choti Maa comes there. Kavya ends the call. Kavya hugs her. Choti Maa says its Sankranti, get ready now. Choti Maa checks her phone. Kavya asks why are you spying on me. Choti Maa asks who is sending you such messages. Kavya argues. Choti Maa scolds her.

Kavya says you don’t care for me, you just worry for Gitanjali and her future, if she does not move on and could not forget Abhimanyu, what shall I do, did you think of me, my future and marriage, I want to live my life, don’t touch my phone again. Rishabh hides the horse and plays golf. Choti Maa comes to him and stands in the way. She shouts Rishabh. He stops the horse. He says your life is valuable. She says get Gitanjali married, what shall I tell Kavya, shall I ask her to forget her future, I can’t get Kavya married till Gitanjali is here, I can’t accept blame that I m your stepmum, Gitanjali needs someone to share her sorrow, just you can explain you, life has to move on. He asks where is she. She says she went with Manshi to see state work. Munshi explains Gitanjali to check the ground plan and shows the location. Gitanjali sees something and worries. She leaves in her car. She recalls Abhimanyu. Lag jaa gale….plays……….

She sees Abhimanyu and smiles. She goes to him and he falls down. She shouts Abhimanyu. She gets caught in sand storm and shouts for help. Abhimanyu comes and holds her hand. He pulls her. She sees him and faints.

She sees the old lady and says Abhimanyu was here, he saved me. The old lady says you have this belief, I believe you. Choti Maa says our work will stop, all business is in Gitanjali’s name. Munshi says but we can’t blame her, she is facing much sorrow in this age. Choti Maa says she has to move on. Old lady brings Gitanjali home and says this girl…. Gitanjali says Chanda.

Chanda asks what’s happening with me. Old lady does some spirit calling ritual and asks Chanda to just answer. She asks Abhimanyu to give her some sign that he can hear her, Gaura’s call will get you here, are you in this world or not, come here. The lights begin to flicker. Abhimanyu comes in Chanda and calls out Gaura. Abhimanyu whistles. Gitanjali runs to see him. She sees someone and says Rajveer. Rishabh says Major Rajveer Malhotra. She congratulates Rajveer. Rajveer says its good you smiled, I thought my childhood friend got lost somewhere, after Abhimanyu’s death… She says he did not die, he is missing. Rajveer says I have some bad news for you, army has searched for him for 6 years and did not get Abhimanyu, he is declared dead. She gets shocked.

She asks why. Rishabh says we are making Abhimanyu’s clock to fix on haveli wall as per our traditions, Abhimanyu became part of this family after marrying you. He fixes the clock and says he has gone and got free of time, the clock needle has his heartbeat. She cries and hugs Rishabh. Rishabh consoles her. Abhimanyu gets a farewell from army. Gitanjali cries.

Rishabh hears a clock alarming before time and thinks which is this watch. He goes to wall clock to check all clocks. He says its Abhimanyu’s clock, how can this happen, I matched the needle with haveli clocks. He sets time again and clock alarms again. Rishabh checks again.

Chanda says this clock will not stop, Abhimanyu was adamant and did you hear you, how will you hear you today. He asks what nonsense are you saying Chanda. Chanda says his spirit is roaming here and wanting to say you something. He says there is no spirit, everyone is superstitious and illiterate, I have kept shanti puja, keep your ghost story to you, don’t tell this to anyone.

Its morning, many pandits do Shanti puja for Abhimanyu. Gitanjali hears Abhimanyu calling her. She goes out. She goes to the dark well. She says no Abhimanyu, I know you are nowhere, but why do you I feel I will forward hand and touch you, I will take a step and get you, I know its illusion and I have to break this illusion, I know you are nowhere. She goes and her anklet drops there. She hears Abhimanyu and stops. She turns to see. Abhimanyu picks the anklet and comes in front of her. She gets shocked.

Abhimanyu washes his face. Gitanjali asks how did he call himself Gitanjali. Rishabh asks who’s here. Pandit says I have seen such unique kundlis for the first time, its like someone is living other’s incomplete life. Gitanjali sees watch and asks why are you doing this Abhimanyu.

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