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Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 30th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 30th April 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Abhimanyu saying who did this Gaura. He holds knife and says how can I do this, my fingerprints will come on it, I wanted to kill her such that it looks a suicide, I have to end all proofs now. He erases the prints from knife and runs on hearing warden coming. The lady screams. Abhimanyu hears her and leaves. He comes home and says did dad do this, no, why would he send me to kill her, I have to end all proofs. He changes clothes.

Choti Maa comes to him and sees him burning clothes. She asks what did you do. He says Gitanjali gifted this to me, so I m ending my connection with it. She says you are hiding something from me, don’t you trust me. He asks why did you try to kill Priyam that day, I m finding some answers, I want some privacy now. She goes.

The lady calls Rishabh and says we could not save Gitanjali, we got her dead body. Rishabh gets shocked and cries, shouting Gitanjali. Gitanjali’s final rites are done. Rajveer asks Rishabh to come. Everyone see Gitanjali. Rishabh gives the fire. Inspector tells Rishabh that murderer is clever, he erased many proofs, but there are proofs which he did not see, we will find him. Rishabh says he is here in front of you. He shows Abhimanyu.

Inspector says we can raise hand on him after getting proof. Rajveer silently goes. Rishabh asks him to investigate, but murderer will be punished. Gitanjali comes out of the pyre. Rajveer and Gitanjali look on. He says you have seen your final rites, strange. She says now I will not leave them. He says you have gone through a lot, what now. She says Abhimanyu gave me big pain. Rajveer says it happened as per your plan. FB shows Rajveer giving her a tablet to reduce her heartbeat. She eats tablet and asks him to stab on her back. He refuses. She insists. He says I never thought to hurt the one I love, I know this is necessary. He stabs her. FB ends.

Gitanjali says I felt if anything goes wrong, I have to burn alive, you army men do everything well. FB shows Gitanjali jumping in the tunnel and coming out. She says now I will trap Abhimanyu.

She cries and says I loved him, trusted him, he cheated me so easily. Rajveer says look at your brother, he has much pain seeing your death. She sees Rishabh and cries. He says relations keep us alive. She says yes, I will fight for Rishabh, maybe this is my fate, you know I have seen my final rites in my dream once, I did not know this dream is a warning of my fate.

Bhavani says now Ragini’s soul will get peace, revenge of blood is blood. Abhimanyu looks on. Bhavani says great, I expected this from you. Abhimanyu says but I did not kill her. Bhavani asks what, but police said. Abhimanyu says yes, I reached there to kill her, I saw her dead, someone stabbed her back, I did not murder her, I thought you have sent someone. Bhavani says I did not kill her, you know my ethics well. Abhimanyu asks who got her killed. Kalyani says I feel matter is something else, some plan.

Inspector says no, its someone’s plan. Rishabh says maybe anyone who is allowed to meet her. Rajveer says maybe her husband. Rishabh says Abhimanyu did this. He scolds police inspector. Inspector says I did not get any proof. Bhavani says if you killed that girl, I would have been proud to drop you to jail, but you ruined our respect by going jail by foolishness. Abhimanyu says I have erased all proofs, I have burned the clothes, trust me. Inspector says we got these foot prints of shoe. Rajveer says Abhimanyu used to wear two different size shoes always. Inspector says maybe it can prove something. Bhavani asks Abhimanyu not to worry, did you wear these shoes. Abhimanyu says no, its in my room. Bhavani says mud will be on it. Abhimanyu says how can I forget this. Bhavani asks him to go fast and burn shoes.

Rajveer comes in the way and asks why are you in tension. Abhimanyu says no. Rishabh confronts him about wearing two different shoe sizes. Abhimanyu denies it. Rishabh and Rajveer argue. Inspector says we will go to your room and talk, come. He shows the foot prints photo. Abhimanyu asks what do you mean, I killed my wife. Inspector asks were you there. Abhimanyu asks do you have search warrant. Inspector warns him to think, else he will fall under doubt. Inspector checks the shoerack. Abhimanyu holds the gun and moves back. Inspector says his shoe size is same. He asks Rishabh do you have any doubt on Abhimanyu. He thanks Abhimanyu for cooperation and apologizes. Abhimanyu says Gitanjali was my wife, I want her murderer to get caught. Inspector goes. Rajveer says I know well Rishabh, trust me. Abhimanyu says I know you loved Gaura a lot, you may also lose senses like her. Rishabh and Abhimanyu argue and warn each other.

Rajveer meets Gitanjali and says don’t know how hos shoes were changed. She says maybe he changed at night. Rajveer says no, he had revolver in his pocket, I saw him and I was ready as well. FB shows Rajveer aiming at Abhimanyu. He says Abhimanyu was also shocked. She says it means someone helped him. Abhimanyu says you… Choti Maa dumps shoes and says yes, I changed it, else you got prepared to go jail, you have become a murderer, you were angry with me when I caged Gitanjali in walls, you killed her. He denies it. She says everyone needs support, you did not win this war alone, you know what would have happened if shoes were found. Gitanjali says its good shoes are not found, I want to trouble him like he troubled me, is CCTV footage ready.

Inspector tells everyone about CCV footage. He says lets see what we get in this. Everyone see the killer, in hood. The feeds stop. Inspector asks Rishabh to wait. The man says sorry, footage damaged, maybe because of rain. Rishabh gets angry. Rajveer says its not their mistake, when can this footage get recovered. The man says 24 hours. Rishabh asks them to do their work, he has to reach his sister’s murderer. They all leave.

Gitanjali calls Rajveer and asks did footage get spoiled. Rajveer says yes, we spoiled it. She says now Abhimanyu will do mistake. Bhavani scolds Abhimanyu for mistake. Kalyani takes his side. Bhavani says the result of this can be bad. Choti Maa asks can’t we buy someone. He says even Rishabh can buy that person. Kalyani taunts ChotimMaa. Bhavani says don’t argue, we have to see to do something to get that recording. He calls someone at the lab and asks for footage. Gitanjali hears the lady and talks to Bhavani. She tells him timing when cctv footage will be sent. Bhavani says we have to get footage from van, go Abhimanyu, erase this last proof.

The goons stop the lab van. Abhimanyu gets inside the van. Guards check the van. Abhimanyu gets footage and jumps down the van. The guards see him and follow. Abhimanyu gets hurt. He hides behind some tree. He crushes the recording and burns it. He says now no one can do anything. Rajveer records I have a proof now, look a man is risking life to erase proof, now get ready to go jail. Abhimanyu says you can’t prove anything by this. Rajveer says you felt this hard disk is real, you will be behind bars soon, police may come anytime, stop, you know my aim won’t miss. Abhimanyu points gun at him and shoots, saying I won’t accept the crime I did not know, sorry buddy. He runs. Rajveer says you can’t run away. Gitanjali lookson and says I never thought this in dream that there will be one day when I will get happiness by hurting you, I m glad you are in pain, like you snatched my peace, I will do the same with you, go where you want to run, you can’t get saved Abhimanyu.


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