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Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 4th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 4th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Munshi ringing the fire alarm. He asks ward boy about Rishabh. Ward boy says I have kept him here, but he is not here, you can check. Munshi says he is a clever man, I will check outside. He goes. Rishabh catches the ward boy and makes him unconscious. He recalls waking up in morgue and thinking of the chemicals smell. He touches around and thinks this is a dead body, why am I here in morgue, someone will come to find me, I have to change place, but how. He gets dressed as ward boy and leaves.

Munshi does not see his face and asks did you see Rishabh, just kill him whenever you see him. Gitanjali passes by Rishabh. Munshi sees Abhimanyu and asks why did you come here, I told you I will kill Rishabh. Abhimanyu asks what do you mean, it means Gaura was saying right, Rishabh’s life is in danger. Munshi pushes him and runs. Abhimanyu looks for him.

Gitanjali calls Rajveer. She thinks how to inform him where I m. Some goons catch her. Abhimanyu sees this and shouts stop. The goons tie her. Abhimanyu follows. Munshi calls someone and says he is here, following her. Rajveer asks inspector why did he out him in lockup. Inspector says FIR is filed, you have to be here. Rajveer asks what. Kavya says inspector is just doing his duty. Inspector goes. Rajveer asks her to take FIR back, case will not run on me like normal civilian. She says I can get proof to trap you in mum’s case. He says you got mad in anger, you have fallen much low. She says yes, I got mad, everything is snatched from me, I will take FIR back, but you have to marry me right now, I really love you a lot. He asks did you go mad, you are drunk.

She says yes, what can I do, I lost my mum, if you are not mine, I won’t let you become of Gitanjali, I m not responsible of what happens to Gitanjali. He says I will not leave you if anything happens to Gitanjali. She says I love you and goes. Rajveer says Kavya is mad, you know they are dangerous, Gitanjali’s life is in danger, I was mistaken you are my friend. Inspector frees him and asks him to come back before morning. Rajveer thanks and hugs him. Inspector gives his phone and says Gitanjali tagged her location, she was at hospital. Rajveer says Rishabh is admitted there. Goon says someone is following us. The goon puts some wire and makes Abhimanyu fall down the bike. The goon checks him. Abhimanyu says Gaura….

Munshi says his face got hurt, he is alive because of his face. Gitanjali asks goons to let her go. Bhavani and Abhimanyu’s lookalike come there. She asks where is Rishabh. Abhimanyu says he is with us. She says I will not believe anything. He gives Rishabh’s clothes. She asks what did you do with my brother. He says nothing, he has worn this on birthday when that arrow has struck him. Bhavani says you have to reach court tomorrow and do what we told you, else … She says if you do anything to my brother, I will kill you. They leave. She cries.

Rishabh comes out of hospital. He walks on the road. Rajveer stops the jeep seeing him. Rajveer asks what are you doing here. Rishabh says they are dangerous, they tried to kill me, I could not meet Gitanjali, Munshi may have taken her. Rajveer says her life is in danger. Rishabh says no, till she gives statement in court, she is safe, they will force her to give statement that she is Gitanjali. Rajveer says this was her plan, she wanted this, she said this plan should succeed any way. Rishabh asks what. Rajveer says I will explain you on the way, come.

Priyam scares Chanda. She asks him what is he doing with Choti Maa’s face. He shows the pic. She asks what did you do. She says Choti Maa did not listen to me when I asked her to complete the game, what would I do. Sevakram says Abhimanyu called, and said Bhavani and he won’t come home today, go and tell Kalyani. She goes to tell Kalyani and sees Kalyani’s face erased/painted white from the pic. She gets shocked. She asks Priyam about her. He says she was out of the game, it was her mistake. She worries.

Its morning, Bhavani and Abhimanyu reach the court with Gitanjali. Abhimanyu says you know what can happen by your cleverness, don’t act smart, come. He takes Gitanjali. Lawyer says decision will be in your favor. Bhavani says I will give you much money. Lawyer says opposition lawyer did not win any case in his career, our victory is certain. Prosecution lawyer Shukla makes a betel. Inspector asks him to come fast, its imp to win this case, I risked my career for this case. Shukla eats betel and laughs. He says case is won by mind, not emotions, I will prove Abhimanyu innocent. Inspector asks what, you have to get Abhimanyu punished. Shukla says fine, I will burn my degree if I don’t get him punished, if you know Hanuman Chalisa, keep reciting in heart, it affects.

Gitanjali swears to tell truth. She says I m Gitanjali. Abhimanyu’s lawyer says my client Abhimanyu was blamed to murder her, Gitanjali is alive, I request you to dismiss this case. Judge asks Shukla does he want to say anything. Shukla says this case is not so simple as prosecution is saying. Judge says you are prosecution. Shukla says sorry, I flowed in emotions, this case is not simple as defense is trying to say. Judge says I can’t understand what you are saying.

Shukla eats betels and does not talk clear. His assistant helps him. Shukla says this girl is not Gitanjali. Abhimanyu’s lawyer says she is Gitanjali, what does he want to say. Judge asks Shukla to spit betel first, shall I end case here by deciding in favor of defense. Shukla says you got annoyed and jokes. Everyone laugh. Judge asks him to be in court limits. Shukla spits betel and says fine agreed she is Gitanjali, whose dead body was found in ward, did you get speechless. He gives Gitanjali’s death certificate and says her final rites were also done.

Abhimanyu’s lawyer raises objection. Judge overrules. Shukla explains meaning of overrrule. He says Gitanjali’s dead body was there in ward, Abhimanyu was present there. He asks Gitanjali where was she. He shows Chamki’s pictures and says you were in Jaipur, Abhimanyu got her here as Gitanjali, he is trying to fool, this girl is also involved. Abhimanyu’s lawyer says photo edit is common thing these days, anyone can make such pics. Shukla says any document can be made, I can prove this is Chamki. Judge says fine, we will resume after break. Inspector says you are trapping Gitanjali, its not her mistake, you have to frame Abhimanyu. Shukla says law is blind, justice will happen.

Bhavani says nothing should happen to my son, else Rishabh won’t get saved. She asks what shall I do. He says take blame on yourself, you are Chamki and killed Gitanjali for property. She gets shocked. Abhimanyu says great Shukla ji, you did all planning to send me to jail. Shukla says don’t forget I m prosecuting you. Abhimanyu says that too very well. Shukla says you gave me money to dig up the case, I did not understand why do you want to go jail. Abhimanyu smiles.

A man gives statement about Chamki. He says Abhimanyu has beaten me in train. Shukla says Abhimanyu gave her money to make her Gitanjali. She recalls Bhavani’s words. Abhimanyu’s lawyer says this man is arrested thrice for teasing women, we have checked his background. Shukla says I agree he is loose character, but how does it matter. Judge asks did you make this a joke, stay in court limits, your witness is lying, I can arrest him for forgery. Shukla sends the witness. Abhimanyu asks what will you do now. Judge says you have no proof that she is Chamki, I will give my decision now. Shukla asks permission to get new witness. Judge asks will you let me go home today or not. Shukla says I have Chamki’s parents. Bhavani worries.

A couple comes and asks Gitanjali where did she go. The lady says no, she is not my daughter. Rishabh says of course, she is not your daughter, Abhimanyu killed your daughter. Gitanjali gets relieved seeing Rishabh and runs to hug him. He asks did you think I m so weak that anyone can kill me. The lady says my daughter looks like her, a city guy was trapping her, she did not listen to me. The man says Abhimanyu was that city guy, we did not get Chamki, he has killed Chamki. Lawyer says we are sorry to say, this is Gitanjali’s murder case, not Chamki’s. Judge says its related, accused is same, Abhimanyu, if Gitanjali is alive, whose dead body was found in ward that night, I give order to investigate, arrest Abhimanyu. Shukla thanks him. Abhimanyu tells Shukla that its plan’s imp part starts now. Abhimanyu takes inspector’s gun and aims at them. He runs away. Judge says catch him, is he innocent, does an innocent man do such thing, I will make sure he gets punished. Abhimanyu stops a car and leaves. Police follows.

Abhimanyu gets down the car and keeps a stone on the accelerator. The car hits the tree. Goons put other Abhimanyu inside the car. Police reaches there and arrests Abhimanyu. Gitanjali comes and looks on. Abhimanyu says Gaura….. The evil Abhimanyu sees them and smiles.


Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 10th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Gitanjali says I m very happy to see you getting punished. Abhimanyu asks what did I do Gaura. She says you are dead for me.