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Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 4th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 4th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 4th March 2017 video watch online on

Geetanjali see some shadow who call her and goes near to her holding payal. That shadow says that I told you Gaura not to take payal out as till payal is in your leg I am alive. Geetanjali remebers abhimanyu.
Geetanjali ask who are you? That boy reply I am Abhimanyu.
Choti Maa, Kavaya and Rajveer comes and ask who are you?
Boy replies that I am Abhimanyu Rathore. I left 6 years back to come back.
That boy parents call their child and tell his name Priyam Kathri. They inform that they are their son; but acts weired.
Geetanjali ask why he call himself as Abhimanyu?
His Parents tell that he acts weired and call himself as Abhimanyu. They tell that today is his birthday and born at 5.30pm near. Geetanjali cries and remember that Abhi died at same time. Choti Maa ask lets go. Geetanajali tell that we are not leaving until I find truth. Rajveer ask stop it, its all fake.
Geetanjali ask Priyam parents to stay with us for few days till we find all truth and tell them that she is Gaura, Abhimanyu’s wife.

Geetanajali and Priyam reach Haveli and walks. Priyam ask to Mali Kaha- You told that you will put Red flowers?
Kaha remebers same thing said by Abhimanyu and says remember to put red champa flowers.
Priyam call Geeta and ask lets go inside with holding hands. And says that house is also not changed till now. He ask Sevak Ram that if he is still afraid of nightmares? Than ask Chanda if his mama’s leg is fine? All get shock. He ask just excuse as I want to use washroom. Kavya ask chanda to show him way but he stops her that he knows.

Priyam wash his face and abhimanyu’s soal appears saying never to forget that you are Abhimanyu and put his favt. Perfume. He walks with wistle. Rishab hears same sound that was used to make by abhimanyu.
Geetanjali ask how do you know about this wistle and perfume? He says remember you gifted me, its my fvouirte.
Geetanjali remembers the time when she gifted that perfume. Abhimanyu says that I love this perfume but more than your smell which last for long.

Geetanjali cries and goes and says please do not do this with me. Just than watch starts tick tok and she thinks that watch will work with your heart beat. And falls down. Priyam ask Geetanjali not to cry and ask her put sindoor. Geetanjali ask him not to do anything and throw sindoor and ask him to go.

Rishab shouts on everyone. Choti Ma ask to relex. Rajveer ask that we need to prove that they are frauds in front of Geetanjali.
Priyam parents true colours are shown as they are either robbers or fraud. Sevak and Chanda serve them tea and snacks. Priyam Parents tries to enquire about everyone in families. Chanda gets frustrated and complains to sevak ram about Geeta and all these people behaviour.

Priyam parents walk in haveli and sees kavya with boy and get caught red handed. Sundana sayys that we were finding priyam. Adding that she is caught and putting blaame on us. They says that their was someone in Kavya’s room and choti ma get shock. They say we are leaving. Geetanjali says please I ask you to forgive us on behalf of my sister.

Geetajali is seen walking in corridor and stop near guest room. Priyam throw his shoes and sleep without changing and Geetanjali remembers that same things Abhimanyu use to do and she use to complain. Priyam watches Geetanjali and she get scared. Geeta walks and cries. Priyam calls her Gaura and ask her to come with me as I want to show you something. He take her to room and make her sit. He take one box and ask her to open. Geeta opens and find earings. Geeta says they are…. and incomplete sentence is completed by Priyam that you liked them and it was surprise that I wanted to give you 6 years back. And give him good kiss and leaves with something (i did not saw due to sudden interpret). Geeta cries.

Choti ma ask munshi ji suddenly. Rishab says Geeta might have called for signing on cheque. Munshi clerifies that Geeta called Pandit. Rishab says its all bakwas. Geeta shows Abhimanyu and priyam kundlies and pandit gets shock that both kundlies are interconnected. Rishab ask Geeta not to believe on all this.

In night suddenly lights go and geeta hears sound gaura gaura… she light candle and take to priyam’s room. She ask why are you scared? Priyam replies that someone is beneath the bed. Geeta checks and see priyam and he ask that someone is on bed. She get shock after seeing tooo many priyam and shouts and wakes up in terrified way and alram rings.

Rishab was winding alram and get frustrated, just then he hears tick tick tick tick.. the thing priyam took was abhimanyu’s watch. Rishab ask whoes there? Priyam replies rishab its me. You like to play 2 games that watches and pistol. My watch was notnin your control so I won. Now lets play with pistol. He put all bullets out and says Today either you or me and rishab and geetanjali get shock.


Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 4th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Priyam say to Geetanjali to play truth and dare.

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