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Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 5th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 5th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 5th March 2017 Video Watch Online on 

The Episode starts with Rishabh asking Priyam to drop the gun. Gitanjali gets shocked and asks Priyam to keep the gun down. Priyam says don’t worry, its a toy gun, but next time it can be real Rishabh, did you get scared. Rishabh says I will not leave you. Gitanjali says he is a kid, leave him. Priyam shouts leave me. Rishabh says I will kill you. Everyone come. Priyam faints. Priyam’s parents worry for him. Rishabh checks his gun in box. Choti Maa asks Kavya to call doctor. Gitanjali sees some light going away from Priyam’s body. She follows the light and sees Abhimanyu’s soul.

Abhimanyu forwards hand and goes. Naina barse…..plays……… Gitanjali runs after the light. She knocks the door and asks Abhimanyu to open the door. She sits crying. The door opens.

She sees the old lady holding Chanda and asking Abhimanyu to stop, not leave. Chanda screams. The candles blow off. Chanda faints. Gitanjali fears. The candles get lit again. Old lady says Abhimanyu had come, where are you Abhimanyu. She asks Gitanjali to stop Abhimanyu and not let him go. Gitanjali says Priyam and runs out.

Doctor checks Priyam. Priyam’s father says we will leave from here tomorrow morning. Its morning, Choti Maa wakes up Kavya and asks who was that guy who came in your room, is Priyam’s parents lying, what is all this, if you take wrong step now, you have to regret all life, I m your mum, look at me. Kavya argues and says you are just this haveli’s Choti Maa, you are afraid that people will call you bad stepmom, you became bad mom, I hate you. Choti Maa asks do you have so much poison in you. Kavya says I m returning the poison back to you. Choti Maa says shut up, I can’t let you ruin your life, you won’t step out of haveli without my permission. Kavya says no. Choti Maa locks the door and cries.

She sees Chanda and other servant, and tells them that Kavya’s room will not be opened. She sees Rajveer and says you… He says you called me to find out about Priyam. She says I forgot, come. Gitanjali sees Priyam sleeping and goes to him, asking is he really Abhimanyu. Priyam’s mum Sunanda says we are leaving, you be away from him, what did Rishabh do yesterday. Priyam wakes up and says I will not leave my Gaura. Gitanjali apologizes to them.

Priyam’s father comes and says Sunanda is saying right, we came here to help you, but our son’s life fell n danger, make arrangements for us to leave soon. Priyam cries seeing Gitanjali. Kavya gets ready and asks Chanda to open door. Chanda says Choti Maa asked me not to open door. Kavya shows the chain and gives it to her from window. Chanda opens the door. Kavya says keep mouth shut, if you say anything to Maa, then see. Chanda thanks her. Kavya calls her greedy. Servant asks Chanda what did you do. Chanda hides chain. He asks her to show what is she hiding. She shows chain. Kavya comes back and scolds them. She leaves.

Rajveer ask people about Devkinand and Sunanda. The men say that boy is mad, he talks strange, he tells about last birth, his mum did not let him go anywhere, truth is that boy remembers his last birth, but no one agrees to him. Choti Maa says Rajveer, they are talking strange. Rajveer says such way, stories are said, not truth, he is lying, we have to go to master ji’s house and find truth. She gets a call and asks what happened to Kavya, who are you, hello. Rajveer asks is everything okay. She says I have to leave, sorry. He says you go, I think I will find some clue here.

Gitanjali comes to Rishabh. He apologizes to her. She says he is a kid, it was a toy gun. He says he acted clever and made me believe its real gun, try to understand, he is playing with you. She says I don’t know who is playing with me, I n most hurt. He asks her not to get in anyone’s words, trust me, everyone will be fine. She says they are going, who will risk son’s life, I don’t know truth, whether Priyam is Abhimanyu or not, but they are not cheaters. She goes.

Rajveer asks a boy about the house. He reaches the house and finds it locked. He goes via the roof and enters the house. He finds a gun in the drawer. Some people see him and come there. He sees some pics on wall. The people hit on his head. Rajveer faints. Gitanjali stumbles and panics. Priyam asks her to stop everything from leaving. She says your parents are not ready to make you stay here, what right do I have. He asks who has right if not you. She cries. He says we will play a game, truth or dare, I will ask you and you have to answer, you can’t lie, else you will be out. She says if questions are tough… He says no, answers will be tough, all dark secrets will come out. She worries. He says its just a game, till questioner stops questioning, game won’t stop, just truth fine. She says fine, I remember. He asks by what thing do you get scared the most. She says darkness. He asks about her bad dream which scares her. She says a trunk, don’t know what is inside. He asks her to say what does she find inside. She says myself.

He asks are you locked in trunk, who has locked you, don’t get scared, I m there, what thing do you remember about Abhimanyu. She says his smile, eyes and a song. He asks which song. She says old song. He says I know that song. He whistles Lagja gale…… Rishabh hears them. Priyam says you know why Rishabh hates this song. She says no, but how do you know he hates this song. He asks why don’t you know, what’s in this song, is there any secret of Rishabh.

She says no, I know my brother, there is no secret of his life that is hidden from me. He asks do you know him really. She says yes. He asks do you know your family’s past, do you know the wall secrets, there is a crime hidden behind every clock, tell me do you know. She says be quiet, I don’t want to play this game. He says questions can’t stop till I stop, one last question. He asks do you know who stays in this haveli walls. Rishabh says enough, I will ask a question now, can you truly answer, truth or dare. Priyam asks him to ask. Rishabh says just truth, are you Abhimanyu or not.

Priyam says no, I m not Abhimanyu, I m not Priyam, I m just me, name changes, but soul does not. He tells some lines in Sanskrit. Rishabh claps and says great, such knowledge in this age, you need a prize, Gitanjali go and get chocolates for him.

He asks Priyam does his soul like chocolates. He sends Gitanjali. She runs. He takes Priyam with him. Priyam shouts leave me. Gitanjali gets chocolates and looks for Rishabh and Priyam. Servant says Rishabh took Priyam forcibly in jeep. She asks why did you not stop them, who was driving the car. Rishabh drives the jeep in high speed. Priyam worriedly cries. Rishabh asks him left or right. Priyam sees a truck coming and shouts left. They get saved.

Gitanjali worriedly leaves. Priyam’s parents worry knowing about Priyam. Rishabh hears goats sound and stops the jeep. Priyam runs. Rishabh runs after him. Gitanjali reaches there and looks for them.

Rishabh catches Priyam. He asks why are you crying, soul is not scared of anyone. Priyam bites his hand and runs. Gitanjali calls out Priyam. Rishabh says you are Rajput right, Rajput never run away, talk to me, where are you going, what did you say. He says the lines. He asks Priyam to come to him. Priyam moves back and falls down from the top. Gitanjali sees Abhimanyu in Priyam and gets shocked.

Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 11th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Precap:
Abhimanyu comes to Gitanjali and calls out Gaura. She comes out of the sauna and sees him in mirror.

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