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Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 7th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 7th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts starts with Kavya getting a call. The man tells about Rajveer getting a VIP customer call, we can’t find about it. Choti Maa asks him to find out, else I will see. Kavya asks what will we do now. Choti Maa says its not tough for me, the one who has a beautiful and smart girl can’t have anything tough. She smiles. Bhavani and Kalyani defend Abhimanyu. Inspector says now I m sure that Abhimanyu has killed Gitanjali and flew away. Kalyani says its nothing like that. Inspector says you can’t go out of home. Bhavani scolds him. Sevakram looks on and leaves. Inspector stops him from making a call. He takes their phones. He says Abhimanyu will try to contact his family, we will know his location atleast. Priyam comes there. Inspector says small actor, you are acting to be Abhimanyu’s reincarnation, such a big lie, tell me where is Abhimanyu, its fine we will arrest you, you are his rebirth, Priyam is Abhimanyu.

He scares him of tortures. Rishabh laughs and says he has run away, coward. Bhavani comes and says none can call my son a coward. Rishabh says he stabbed an innocent woman’s back, he is a coward, back stabbing is not there in Rajputs, maybe your blood is bad. Bhavani shouts. Chanda comes and says Rishabh is called outside.

Kavya collides with the man and starts crying to fool him. She says a girl is calling my boyfriend, give me documents to find that girl. He says sorry, I can’t give any client details. She says please…. and takes his card from pocket. He consoles her. Kavya enters the room to check records. The man looks for the card. He enters the record room. Kavya leaves from there.

Choti Maa says I m going washroom. Inspector sends constable with her. Choti Maa acts to get dizzy. She goes to washroom. She calls Kavya. Kavya asks where are you. Choti Maa says police has taken the mobiles, whose number is that. Kavya tells the number. Choti Maa asks her to come home. She calls on that number. Gitanjali answers Rajveer’s call. Choti Maa talks to some man, and gets irritated. Gitanjali laughs and says Choti Maa would be angry. Rajveer says someone told me that our number is searched, DNA results are in Abhimanyu’s hands, Gitanjali and Chamki’s DNA did not match, be ready for another test. She says I m ready.

Abhimanyu sees Gitanjali and thinks Dna and fingerprints did not match, how can she be Gitanjali, who is she. He stops her. She asks who is Gaura. He says old memory. He stops her and confronts her. She tries to manage. She goes to do puja. She does puja. He keeps an eye on her. She looks for Abhimanyu. He keeps some sack in godown. The men leave for aarti. Gitanjali gets scared in darkness, being trapped inside the sack. She says I can’t lose, I have to take a deep breath. Kalyani says I fainted suddenly. Bhavani says she is unwell, I have to take her to hospital. Rishabh says its their plan to meet their son, lying and cheat is in their blood. Bhavani aims gun at Rishabh. Inspector asks him to lower the gun and takes Bhavani’s gun.

Bhavani says I m in all my senses, I will not shoot him now. Kavya comes home and sees police. She asks what’s happening. Rishabh says its time to pay for crimes, Choti Maa you all will be here till Abhimanyu is found. Abhimanyu goes to see Gitanjali. She thinks if Abhimanyu came to know I m Gitanjali or not, I can’t let him know truth. He opens the sack. She comes out and asks who got me here, who has dared to do this. She thinks I can’t lose. She says what do you think, I will get scared of darkness, come in front of me, I will kill you. He takes a stick and hits. Abhimanyu bends and gets saved. He leaves. She asks him to show his face.

She prays to Devi Maa and says I fought today, don’t know he believed me or not, don’t let me lose, else it will be truth and justice’s failure. Kalyani and Bhavani get a call. She says I will die, but not cheat my son. Inspector does not answer call. He says one supporting wrong is also wrong. Kavya answers his call. Abhimanyu says I have to tell something imp dad. Kavya says its me. Abhimanyu talks to her. Priyam asks him not to say anything, they are trapping you. Inspector says Priyam is right, we have all clues against you, you better surrender yourself, if we have to find you, matter will be wrong, your mum is ill, they said they have to take her to hospital. Kalyani asks Abhimanyu not to come, nothing will happen to her. Inspector says we won’t be responsible if anything happens to your mum. Abhimanyu says whatever happens, I m coming. He goes and sees Gitanjali/Chamki. He takes her aside. He asks don’t you have manners. He asks her help to save him from a false murder blame. She asks what are you saying.

He shows Gitanjali’s pic. She asks who is she. He says she is my wife, Gaura, I loved her a lot, someone killed her and blamed me. He says I married her, I have to get justice for her. She refuses to help him. She goes. Bhavani asks Kalyani not to feel bad. She says I m not feeling bad, as my son is right. Inspector says we can’t keep her this way, Rishabh says you can’t get weak, we can’t catch Abhimanyu this way. Rishabh angers Bhavani. Abhimanyu comes and says I m not dead, that you have to do this. He sees Kalyani and says I m Rajput, I can’t bend neck but can get it cut. Bhavani praises him. Rishabh says you have run away by fear of police. Abhimanyu says I m not scared of anyone, arrest me, just send my mum to hospital. Inspector says I arrest you for killing Gitanjali. Gitanjali comes and says if wife is not dead, what murder. They all get shocked seeing her.

She says I m really here, touch my hand and see. Gitanjali thinks Bhairavi likes to act, now see my drama. Inspector says you mean you are Gitanjali. She says I m Gitanjali. Abhimanyu acts along to fool Rishabh and police. Gitanjali asks Rishabh to bless him, I have fought death and came back. She reminds the rakhi day, when he used to sing song for her. Rishabh asks her to shut up. She sings Bhaiya mere…. Rishabh asks inspector what nonsense is this.

She says you are not able to see me. Sevakram says you know Rishabh can’t see. Rishabh says she is not my Gitu, she is lookalike. Rishabh and Abhimanyu argue. Abhimanyu taunts Rishabh for being blind. Rishabh says shut up. Inspector says I don’t understand, this will be proved in court now, court will decide. He leaves. Abhimanyu says none can make Gitanjali leave. Rishabh says everyone is cheater here. He goes. Abhimanyu smiles.


Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai 13th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Bhavani scolds Gitanjali/Chamki. He asks Abhimanyu to take her away. She scolds him back.

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