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Krishna Chali London: Prashant Krishna’s affair Radhey guilty, Shukla thrashed up


Shukla cheaply interprets Prashant Krishna’s extramarital affair in Krishna Chali London

The viewers of Star Plus daily soap Krishna Chali London will witness ahead Shukla’s shameless effort against Krishna.Soon it will be seen that Radhey will risk his life to collect money for Dubey’s bail,But before he could bail out Dubey, Krishna’s ex-boyfriend will get him out of the jail.Where Prashant will get Dubey’s bail, here Shukla will get another chance to create misunderstanding amid Radhey and Krishna.Radhey’s stand for Krishna,Evil Shukla will wrongly interpret Krishna and Prashant’s past affair as their current extramarital affair.

Where Radhey didn’t know about Prashant, Shukla fuels fire by insulting Krishna for having affair with her ex and will reveal that Radhey endangered his life for Krishna but she took help from her ex-lover and fooled Radhey.But Shukla’s effort will go in vain, as Radhey will take stand for Krishna.Shukla trapped Dubey in a fraud case to take revenge from Krishna,Radhey has finally taken a stand against Shukla and now he fights and endangers his life to get Dubey’s bail.

But Prashant gets Dubey’s bail before Radhey and thereby Shukla plans to use this against Krishna.Shukla insults Krishna,Shukla instigates Radhey against Krishna by cheaply interpreting Prashant and Krishna’s affair,While Radhey is hurt, Shukla insults Krishna before the family and calls Radhey fool who blindly trusts his wife Krishna, who is having affair with Krishna.But in spite knowing nothing about Prashant and Krishna’s past, Radhey takes stand for Krishna’s self-respect and reveals that he already knows about them as Krishna hid nothing from him.It would be highly intense to watch what will be Krishna’s next move after realizing Radhey’s big heart.

Let see what will happen next.Keep reading for more upcoming exciting and interesting updates and latest news of TV Serials.

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