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Krishna Chali London Update: Krishna Radhey’s trip to Mumbai a big fat twist to ruin everything


Prashant returns to unveil Radhey’s truth shocking Krishna at hell in Krishna Chali London

It seems that once again Radhey and Krishna’s love life will once again face any new drastic storm. Radhey Krishna arrive to Mumbai along with Gajanan and Lali while Prashant is still captivate. 

But as soon as they are about to arrive,  Prashant frees himself from the clutches and walks off to meet Krishna.

Krishna to find truth

Radhey hid London College  admission application and now he determines to hide the truth for more five days so that Krishna would never leave for London.Radhey, Krishna, Lali, and Gajanan all arrive for the vacation as per Radhey’s plan.

Where Radhey and Krishna have hid their plan from Gajanan, Lali is very excited.But here Prashant seems to turn hurdle in Radhey and Krishna’s love story as he eventually spots Krishna and Radhey amid the way to airport.

Radhey plays her smart move

Parshant follows them to the airport where Radhey finally manages to spot Prashant.While Prashant has determined to expose Radhey, Radhey plays his smart move and bars him from meeting Krishna at the airport where they finally arrive for Mumbai.

While Prashant sees Krishna they arriving for Mumbai,Will Prashant reveal the truth to Krishna? 

What will happen next? It would be highly intense to watch Krishna’s reaction finding Radhey’s big fat truth. 

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