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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dev with Sona sees Soha sleeping and leaves thinking not to disturb her. Once they leave, Soha wakes up and asks Golu and Vicky how was her acting. Vicky wishes her and says they got a surprise for her and shows vanilla cake and asks Golu to get candles out from his pocket. Soha says vanilla is her favorite dress Golu says he informed papa that she likes vanilla cake. Vicky says they will leave before Dev comes and beats them. They both walk out silently and clash with GKB. GKB gets very happy seeing them.

Bejoy wakes up Asha and shows his handmade frock for Suhana. Asha says it is 3-year-old kid’s frock and torn from sides. Bejoy says he tried thrice to make dress unsuccessfully, now he has to bring dress from market unfortunately. Asha asks not to think much.

Dev and Sona bake cake for Soha and take it towards Soha’s room. Soha happily hugs Mickey soft toy and says she is very happy. Ishwari enters. Soha says she is very happy. Ishwari sees cake and asks who brought it. Soha says Golu. Ishwari says she did not see Golu bringing cake. Soha gets nervous. Dev and Sona bring choc cake saying they bake it and wish her happy birthday. Soha says don’t they know she likes vanilla cake and gets angry. Ishwari explains her what gift she gives to mamma on her birthday. Soha says hand made greeting card. Ishwari asks why. Soha says mamma likes it. Ishwari says mama likes it as she made it special. Soha says she understood and should not ignore her parent’s efforts. She calls Dev and Sona and cuts cake with them. Kuch rang pyar ke…song..plays in the background. Dev and Sona ask her to be ready for a surprise party and leave. Dev blows balloons and tells Sona that Soha will like their effort. Sona says decorators are coming tomorrow anyways.

Vicky returns home with Golu. Elena asks why did he go to Dev’s house, GKB had called her. Vicky says he wanted to wish Soha. Elena asks what if Dev had seen him. Vicky says he does not care. Soha calls him and reads address. Vicky asks what is it. She says it is her surprise party address. Soha says she is smart, so found out and asks him and Golu to come there. Golu insists Vicky to take him there. Elena says he should not go as she does not like someone insulting him. Vicky smirks, thinking about his evil plan

Next morning, Dev and Sona get busy in surprise party arrangements. GKB tells Ishwari that she is happy seeing their excitement, she should tell Dev that Vicky and Golu had come yesterday to wish Soha happy birthday. Ishwari stands tensed. GKB says who knew her red would bring Soha’s favorite vanilla cake for her, will she tell Dev. Ishwari says she knows she cannot. GKB taunts Dev is this house’s Ramji and he cannot be wrong. She asks Dev if all arrangements are finished. Dev says almost. GKB says she is excited for the party, hope her red and family would have been there. Dev asks Sona to get ready soon. Bejoy calls Sona and asks him to come home soon as Sourav got vendor and client’s legal notices.

Dev takes Soha to theme party venue and asks how is her surprise. Sohha says wow it is a superhero theme party and asks where is mamma. Dev says mamma sis somewhere here and she has to search her. Soha searches Sona. Dev thinks Sonakshi should have reached by now.


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 11th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Dev goes to Vicky’s house and says he came here to take him to Suhana’s birthday party as she is insisting, he should come with him without questioning, else he will drag him.

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