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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Bejoy calls Asha and asks what is Ishwari doing here at their house. Asha asks if Ishwari is there. Bejoy yells if she will not tell why Ishwari is here, he will kick Ishwari out. Asha says he will not tell do anything and says she has come only for Sona and is doing what he could not for his daughter. Bejoy yells what does she means if Ishwari is right and he is wrong. She says his ego is hurt even now as always. He failed to understand what his daughter needs and where is her happiness hidden, they will lose Sona and she will walk away from there lives. Bejoy yells what doe she mean, if Dev gets out of Sona’s life, her life will change for good. She says his same false ego will send their daughter away from them.

Nisha goes to Elena and asks why Sona did not come yet. Elena says Dev and Sona are same since years, they cannot stay away from each other. GKB with Vicky hears that and says Bengalis way of explaining thing is weird, Elena means Dev and Sona fight so much they cannot stay away without fighting. Vicky comments he is sure once Nisha comes in Dev’s life, he will forget Sona.

Bejoy goes to Ishwari and asks what is she doing here. She looks in cries, tries to walk out, but stops and says she tried to control her son’s life and lost him, now she lost Sona, she does not want Bejoy to repeat same mistake and lose his daughter. She walks away sadly crying. Sourav hears that and says Ishwari is right, he should stop controlling Sona’s life, why did he give her promise not to think of Dev. Bejoy shouts he did write. Sourav says he is wrong, so he is shouting, he should let Sona go.

Soha insists for a dance. Vicky scolds. GKB says such a cute girl, let her dance. Elena dances with Golu and Elena. Dev repeatedly looks at door for Sona. Nisha asks why Sona did not come yet. Dev nervously says he does not know, she may not come.

Ishwari returns home sadly. Asha says she thought Sona would come with her. Ishwari says she did not, she lost her. Elena says she will not come and has changed, she is more selfish now and thinks of only he happiness. Ishwari takes Sona’s side and says she does not know what Sona went through. Elena says she is in this house since long, she did not find anything wrong. Ishwari says she did not as she is not her bahu, Sona suffered a lot because of her.

Sourav insists Bejoy to speak. Bejoy asks Sona if she does not want to attend Dev’s engagement. Sona sits sadly. Sourav says Sona hates Dev, so she will not go. Bejoys asks to keep quiet. Sourav says he will not and continues provoking Sona. Sona shouts that she loves Dev and cannot live without him, but what can she do now. Daadi says Sona wants Bejoy to take back his promise. Bejoy says he thought wrong, Sona’s happiness is in Dev. Sourav asks him to tell Amrish Puri’s dialogue, jaa Simran jaa. Bejoy says go Sona, Dev is waiting for you.

Engagement party continues. Dev repeatedly looks at door. Sona enters. Dev gets happy and stands up. Nisha asks Dev to smile as Sona came. GKB comments Dev’s friend came, fuming. Vicky insists Dev and Nisha for a dance. Nisha says she does not know dance well.. Vicky says Dev will teach her. Dev and Nisha dance on a romantic song.. Sona gets more sad and walks from there.

Sourav calls Asha and asks if Simran came there. She asks who Simran. He says Sona, baba has taken back his promise and Sona has accepted her love for Dev. Asha gets happy hearing that.

Ishwari stops her and asks if she has come for Dev and Nisha’s engagement or stop it. Sona sadly says how can she stop, it will be injustice to Nisha. Ishwari says Dev loves her and not Nisha, it will be injustice for all 3 lives. She did a big mistake by coming late to Sona. She continues her dialogues sadly and leaves, leaving Sona repenting for expressing her feelings late.


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