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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Sona tries to console Dev and says let us go. He asks where is she taking him. He says he needs to talk to his mother and drags him. On the other side, Ishwari cries that Sona knows about her crime and Dev did not speak to her at all.

Asha calls Elena. Elena asks why did she call at this time, if everything is fine. Asha asks where is Sona. Elena says she has gone out with Dev. Asha informs Sourav and Ronita. Bejoy enters and sees Asha, Sourav and Ronita down, asks if they are talking about something. Ronita says she prepared his favorite dish and takes him along.

Khatri brainwashes Malati and Kajal against Dev and Ishwari and says they are very powerful and can go to any extent, they can even get them killed. He had threatening them that he will go to media, so they came acting. Malati and Kajal believe him.

Bejoy gets worried for Sona when she does not return home till late night. He calls Jatin. Jatin wakes up from sleep and asks what happened. Bejoy asks if Sona is with him. He says no. Bejoy then calls Sona and asks where is she. Dev drives car rashly. Sona stops him and asks what is he doing, let her drive. He says he will drive. Bejoy hears that and fumes. He yells in front of family that Sona is with her ex-husband and something is cooking between them.

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GKB fumes that she is trying to separate Dev and Sona, but they are coming closer, all her plans are going in vain. On the other side, Vicky gets romantic with Elena in their room when GKB knocks door loudly. Elena asks Vicky to wear T-shirt fast and opens door. GKB enters pushing her and takes Vicky along forcefully. She tells him that Dev and Sona are getting closer and all their plans are failing. He asks to trust his plan.

Dev and Sona enter home. GKB looks at Dev with eager eyes, crying. Dev says she did not do anything wrong. Sona tells everything, how they Khatri met her and tried to blackmail Dev, they found Malati and Kajal in Khatri’s house, etc. Ishwari continues that she is a sinner and not Dev’s ideal mother, etc. Dev says she is ideal for her and did not do anything wrong. Mamaji enters with other family members and asks what happened. Ishwari says she did a sin. Dev says she did not do anything. GKB asks what did she do. Ishwari says she is a thief, she stole someone’s happiness. She did not know those 2 bangles will ruin a family. She continues crying and collapses after getting a heart attack. Dev and Sona get worried. GKB starts yelling whenever Sona comes back, only bad happens in this house. Mamaji warns her to shut her mouth. Sona tries to revive Ishwari.

Bejoy yells that Sona is with her ex-husband, he will not tolerate her disobeying him, she should be here. Sourav asks him to stop interfering in Sona’s life. Bejoy tries to call her, but Sourav snatches phone and calls her. Sona says she will talk to him later as Ishwari got heart attack and they are taking her to City hospital. Bejoy yells Sona rejected Sourav’s call. Sourav tells Asha that Ishwari got heart attack and Sona is taking her to City hospital. Asha says let us go. Bejoy sits silently. Asha asks how can he be so insensitive. Bejoy shout she knows what Ishwari did. Asha says relatives fight, but when one is in trouble, other forgets differences and help each other.

Sona gets Ishwari into car. GKB enters and starts yelling. Sona asks her to keep silent. She asks Dev to drive fast. They reach hospital. Doc takes Ishwari into ICU. Dev panics. Doc asks him to let him do his work. Sona consoles him and hugs. GKB and Vicky get jealous seeing that.


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Dev pleads god if he wants him to accept defeat, he will, prays to cure his mother.

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