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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Suhana asks Ishwari why did she ask her to tie rakhi to mamma. Ishwari says she tied rakhi to her younger brother who is in her mamma’s tummy. Dev is surprised. Soha asks what if she gets sister. Ishwari says it will be brother. Whole family congratulates each other. Dev gets emotional and reminisces Sona hinting him that she is pregnant. Sona comes. Dev says they will get a new baby, he will relive the journey which he did not when Soha was born, Soha will get a brother or sister. He hugs her and asks if it is dream or reality. Sona says she is not feeling anything, but she has a baby boy who will call Soha his sister. Dev says maybe a girl. Maya comes again and congratulate them. Bejoy says he will throw party to whole Delhi. Nikki asks to throw party to them first.

Bejoy says this occasion calls for a selfie first and asks Dev what he says. Dev says whatever he says. Family clicks selfies with each other.

At night, Dev tells Sona that her pregnancy is complicated and she needs to rest. Sona asks to relax, nothing wrong will happen. Dev walks towards Ishwari’s room. Sona thinks she did not tell complete issue to maa. Dev enters Ishwari and asks if she knew about it. Ishwari says it is not easy to become a mother. Dev says Sona’s pregnancy is more complicated than last time and he cannot risk Sona’s life. Ishwari takes her out and scolds that he should be supportive to his wife and not discourage her, if he cannot, she will not let him near Sona for 9 months. She angrily closes door. Dev says he wants to speak to Sona, open door. Ishwari hugs Sona and says everything will be fine, Dev is mad.

Elena feeds dinner to Golu and asks if he is excited that he will get a baby brother or sister. Golu says no, if he gets a brother, he will punch him. Elena says it is wrong. Golu says big cha will love baby boy more and will forget him. Vicky says he will not forget him whole life. Golu angrily walks away.

Ishwari takes Sona’s clothes to her room. Dev says he needs to speak, she cannot do this to him. Ishwari leaves. Dev meets mama who laughs that he is 8-year-old daughter’ father, but Ishwari still considers him a kid. Dev says he does not know whole issue. Mamaji asks to tell then. Dev says Sona’s pregnanyc’s 1st 3 months are complicated and her life is at risk. Mamaji says his thinking is right, even he would have done same, but then would have repented for his decision. Dev asks what he means. Mamaji says even GKB’s pregnancy was complicated and they got Vicky, she wanted a girl again, but he was not ready to complicate her life. Dev says even he wants a new feeling in his life.

Dev reaches Bejoy’s family and informs them whole issue and asks if they think he is wrong. Bejoy says he overexaggerates issues always. Asha stops him. Dev says they should think from his side. Bejoy says even he feels same now. Asha asks Dev to consider from Sona and Ishwari’s view and ask them to have a second opinion. Dev asks her to explain them. Asha says she cannot, he should speak once Ishwari calms down. Dev says he will speak to Sona again and returns home. He sees Ishwari reciting Geeta in front of Sona and says he is her son and his protest will continue. Ishwari gives him a note to go and sleep now and tells Sona she will recite good shloks from Geeta.

Soha sees Dev sleeping outside room and then see Sona and Ishwari asleep in room. She wakes up Dev and asks what did he do now that mamma is sleeping with daadi and he is sleeping out, she gave him best father’s title during birthday party, but if he troubles mamma and baby, she will not love him. Dev says she will not understand. Soha says she knows if nobody loves baby, she will not love them. Dev stands in front of window. Sona sees him and thinks this is their baby and they need to be positive. Dev thinks this baby is important to even him, not more than her though, he cannot let her happen anything to her.


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Docs check up Sona and says her pregnancy is still risky and both mom and baby’s lives are at risk.

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