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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 1st February 2017 Written Episode Update


Bejoy calls Sona and asks if she had food or not. Sona asks if he will scold her for not coming home on time and working till late. Bejoy says it is her office and he never restricted her from working till late hours. Suhana says daadu is lying and says she needs to talk to mamma. Bejoy gives phone to Suhana. Suhana asks when she will come home. Dev enters and asks whom she is talking to, Mr. Bejoy Bose. Suhana tells Bejoy that some male is calling his name. Bejoy takes phone back. Dev snatches phone from Sona and says he need not worry about his daughter, he is safe here.

Vicky reaches home. GKB in her usual broken English calls him red/laal and asks her assistant DK to get green tea for her red. Vicky yells that all his hard work has gone waste, Dev forced him to

transferred crores of money he looted back into company’s account. GKB continues her broken English and asks DK to get oil to massage Vicky’s head. Vicky asks her to stop her drama, his life is messed up and now Sona also entered life back because of his mistake.

Dev continues taunting Sona and asks if she wants to stay whole night here. She says it is her office and she can do anything. He says this was his office and will be, he runs a big company here and her small startup my close any time. Sona says he can do whatever he can. Dev silently walks out and locks door from outside, bribes watchman 6 months’ worth salary and asks to leave today and tell people that he slept off. He walks out smiling. Sona tries to open door, but it is locked. She realized Dev has locked door.

Elena hears Vicky talking about Sona and says she is thinking of meeting uncle and aunt. Vicky says he told her 7 years ago to break up with them, she still wants to meet them. Elena says she obeyed him last time, now she is just informing him and not taking permission. GKB yells in broken English. Elena confronts her very nicely and leaves. GKB yells even Elena is arguing with her now like her. Golu hears her conversation. GKB sees him and starts her jokergiri on him.

Sona calls Dev and confronts why did he lock door. He asks her to call him back and plead to come and open door, else be there whole night.

Dev returns home. Golu plays cricket and breaks vase. GKB yells at him. Dev stops hher and asks to go and have her BP tablets. He says everyone will play a game now and takes Golu to play ludo. Ishwari watches from balcony and comes down. Mamaji tells that old Dev is back, she should be happy now and says let us go and play game.

Suhana calls Sona and insists that she will not sleep until she returns home. Sona thinks what to do and thinks of calling any of her nearby employee.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 2nd February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:

Dev tells Vicky that Sona wanted to play office office, so he locked her in office. Sona sets smoke in office and fire alarm rings.

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