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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 21st August 2017 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 21st August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Sona tells Ishwari and Asha that Dev is sleeping till now as he was studying whole pregnancy books whole night. Asha laughs and tells husbands get nervous and trouble them a lot. Sona says she had to laterally drag Dev to bed, he wrote so many notes, even docs don’t study so much. Dev comes with BP monitor and says he is 30 min late. Ishwari says it is Sona’s job. Dev says he learnt last night and notes Sona’s BP.

At kitchen, GKB guides cook to prepare Vicky’s favorite food and says food should be healthy, her son is working so hard in business. Ishwari with Sona comes and asks what is she doing. GKB says ordering healthy food for her son, he is working so hard in office, he needs good nutrition and asks Sona if she is right. Sona says she is well versed in nutrition. GKB says she knows a bit after dieting a lot. Their jokes continue.

At school, Soha tells Golu that she has special gift after school. Golu asks to tell what it is. She says she will after school. Golu fumes.

Sona opens her wardrobe and reminisces Dev changing her wardrobe and restricting her from going to office. Dev comes and jokes with her what superheroes will talk about their wardrobe. She laughs. He says she will go to office and he will adjust his office timings according to her timings, he has prepared SOS for her and once she presses button, SMS will go to her staff and him. She says that means no one is at office and once she presses button, everyone will reach office. He says yes. They both walk down. Ishwari stops them and says doc advised Sona that 3 months are critical for her and she should rest. Dev says Sona’s happiness is in he going to office, she should be happy for a healthy baby, he will take care of her. Ishwari says she just wants Sona and her baby to be healthy and happy. Dev takes Sona to office and tells her lady staff has also decided to extend family inspired by her. He gifts greeting card to lady staff and arranges for her comfort. He asks Sona to go and rest, he will take care of her work. Sona smiles.

Soha asks Golu why he is sad even now. Golu says big cha and big chi are brining her a small brother, but his parents are not agreeing his request, daadi is also on his side now. Soha says she will pray god for his little sister. Golu asks her to pray then and once she closes eyes, he silently leaves.

Dev eats bland food with Sona. Sona asks how is it. He says it is healthy and even he should eat it. Sona gives him lunch box and says he should not have eat bland food, she asked maa to send him food. Lady employee comes and says she does not need his greeting card and comforter as she is not pregnant and put on weight due to vacation. Dev apologizes. Sona laughs and pampers him.

Vicky comes out of bathroom shirtless. Elena watches him. They both get romantic and is ahout to kiss when Vicky notices contraceptive pills and reminisces Elena telling Golu would not have born if GKB would not have exchanged her contraceptive pills. He part ways and says he has to go to office. She gets frustrated.

At office, Dev asks his employee about new software testing Employee says it is today and if he will be present for testing. Dev reminisces he has to be with Sona and says he will not, employee can test and if and problem can call him.

Ishwari feeds soup to Sona. Sona says she just now had food. Ishwari says it is her for Shubh. Soha returns from school. Sona asks if she brought project items. Soha says no. Sona asks what about money. Ishwari says Soha promised to tell truth and asks to speak truth. Soha gets out baby clothes and says she brought it from market and could not get project items. Sona gets emotional.


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 22nd August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Doctor does Sona’s ultrasound and shows baby movement and heartbeat. Dev and Sona get happy. Peon informs doc there is a labor emergency in next room. Doc leaves midway. Dev and Sona get tensed.

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