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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 23rd August 2017 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 23rd August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Sona finds Suha hiding behind the bed. Sona and Dev ask why she was hiding. Suha says Golu said when new baby comes, they will stop loving her and give all love to new baby only. Dev and Sona tell her it won’t be like that. They will love both new baby and her. And when new baby comes, love will multiply, not divide. Dev and Sona then say they have surprise for her and show her baby picture in scan and heartbeat.

Later, Dev has messed his room. Sona wakes up and says she will help him. Dev asks what is this. In pregnancy, wives do demands, give tantrums, get angry, but Sona is doing nothing like that. Sona says ok from today, she will only give tantrums and demands. Dev is happy. She asks him to fix the mess in room and bring halwa (sweets) for her. Dev says he’ll first get sweets for her and then fix room.

He comes outside and sees Ishwari sitting with Sona’s parents. Ishwari jokes that Sona’s parents think they are not taking care of Sona so keep coming here every day. Sona’s mum says even they wouldn’t be able to take care of Sona like this. Dev tells Ishwari about Sona’s demand to eat sweets. Ishwari gets happy as she finally asked something, otherwise she was eating all that Ishwari gives. Sona’s mum goes to meet her. Sona is very mad, hyper. She says she’s tired of everyone treating her like this and her getting fat. She wants to go to her mum house and eat non veg. Her mum asks her to calm down and says she brought non veg for her. Sona asks why she brought it here.. she will have to go on terrace and eat. Dev knocks and asks whether everything is okay. Sona says she’s talking to her mum and asks him to leave. Dev smiles saying mood swings. Sona is irritated and asks her mum to give any excuse and take her to their home. She can’t get angry in Dev’s house. At her home, they understand her emotions.

Golu is sad. Vicky brings lots of toys, but he says he doesn’t want any of those. There is no one to play with him. Vicky says he will play with him. Golu asks doesn’t he miss their other house? There were so many people, all used to eat together. Dev and Vicky used do exercise. It was so much fun. Vicky recalls those memories. Golu says Vicky doesn’t say anything, but he knows he is also very sad.

Dev is fixing the room. Sona is annoyed, but she doesn’t show it to Dev. A servant brings halwa. Dev asks Sona excited? Sona says she doesn’t want to eat it now. Dev asks why.. she asked for it. What she wants to eat then? Sona says she wants to different non veg dishes. Dev is shocked. She asks him to keep halwa there and do his work. She will eat it. Dev doesn’t know how to react.

Sona’s mum asks Ishwari whether they can keep Sona in their house in last few months? Ishwari says if Sona wants to go, then it’s okay. But if Sona also leaves after Elena, then their house will be empty.

Vicky is sad and doesn’t feel like going office. Elena asks him what happened. Vicky says Golu wanted to go to Dev’s house. Elena says they both know what Golu wants and he goes to that house every other day. Vicky says right. Elena says she knows what he wants to say. He should be lucky that that family still loves him, else why Dev would gift him the new company. Vicky is shocked that Elena knew about it. He asks how she knows about this. Elena says she’s his wife. Dev and Sona didn’t tell her. She asks him whether he’s happy after getting this company and position? He says he misses them sometimes.. but why they are discussing this? Elena says if she was talking rubbish, then he would have shut her by now. She’s just telling the truth. Everyone gets happy when her and Golu go to that house, but everyone’s eyes are searching for Vicky, including Dev’s. She asks why they are staying away from them? There needs to be a reason too. Can’t he do anything about it?

Dev is packing Sona’s bag and says if she feels she will be happy at her mum’s place, then that’s what they will do. He packs his clothes too. Sona asks what he’s doing. He says he won’t do anything, let her take all decisions. He just wants to stay with her. Sona says him sorry saying she hurt him a lot, right? She hurt Ishwari too. Sona comes to Ishwari and apologises her as well. Sona says she doesn’t want to say anything wrong to her or Dev because of her mood swings. She tried to explain to Dev too, but he doesn’t understand. Ishwari says maybe she couldn’t become her mother, else she wouldn’t worry about what she says and what not. Ishwari also says she will go with her. Sona hugs her.


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 24th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sona delivers a boy. Family is overjoyed. Dev picks up baby in his hands and hugs the baby.

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