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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update on 

Sona gets up to informs Dev about Suhana’s decision. Bejoy asks where is she going. She says to inform Dev, it is his right to know about Suhana’s decision. He boasts that a small kid is so intelligent and took such a good decision, there is no need to inform Dev. At Dev’s house, Ishwari asks if he is tensed. He says no as Suhana is fine now and very understanding. Ishwari says intelligent father’s intelligent decision and asks if he thinks she will not think again about it. He says she will not and he will see her smiling again. She says why don’t he bring her here again, it has been so many days since she came here. Dev says he will bring her today.

Sourav asks Bejoy not to force his decision on Suhana, Sona is Suhana’s mother and her opinion is important.Bejoy shouts he will not let Dev near Suhana. He walks into his room to pack his bag. Asha follows him and says Dev is Suha’s father like he is Sona’s father. He says whatever she ways, he will not stop. She says Suha will blame him that he did not let her stay with her parents. He says she will thank him later and he will take Suhana to Kolkota via morning flight. Asha then goes to Sona’s room and asks her to do something. Sona says she cannot stay with Dev. Asha says she has to think about Suhana first. Sona goes to Bejoy’s room and says he cannot take away Suha from her. He says he wants even her to come to Kolkota and he will not let her or Suha near Dev. She says whatever he says, she will inform Dev about Suhana’s decision as he deserves to know about it. She calls Dev, but he is sound asleep.

Sourav meets Ronita and informs her that Bejoy is taking Suhana to Kolkota, he does not know what to do. Suhana is unable to handle problem between Sona and Dev. Ronita says Bejoy is Sona’s father and Suha’s grandfather and is worried about him and overprotective like any father, there is nothing wrong in it.

In the morning, Sona goes to Suhana’s room and asks if she does not want to get ready. Suha says yes. Sona asks her to get shower soon. Dev hurriedly gets on his bike to meet Suha. Ishwari brings food and says she knows he is worried about his daughter, even she is worried about her son and cannot send him hungry.

Bejoy gets into car and asks Suha to get in soon. Suha walks to Sona. Sona says she knew she will not go. Suha says she is going and came to ask her not to cry. She hugs her and asks her to give her hug to papa and inform him not to miss her. Bejoy shouts they are getting late. Suha gets into car and Sourav drives.

Dev reaches Sona’s home and tells he could not resist from meeting Suha and even mom wants to meet her, so he came to take Suha with him for 1 day. Sona starts crying. He asks what happened. She says Suha went. He asks where, to a class. She says she went to Kolkota. He asks how can she let her go. She says what she could do. He turns. She asks where is he going. He says to bring his daughter. She asks if he will force Suha. He says he will give her both parent’s love and will not let her spend her childhood without parent’s togetherness, for that he can forget 7 years of agony, it is not about them but about Soha, if she is with her. She nods yes and they both leave on bike.

Ishwari travels towards temple with GKB and mamaji. GKB sees Dev and Sona on bike and shouts bengalan with Dev. Ishwari asks mamaji to follow them. Mamaji stops car due to signal. Dev reaches airport. Suha sees him and says papa. Dev asks how can she leave papa alone. Ishwari and team also reaches. Dev says he will not go away from his daughter forever and is ready to stay with Sona, asks to promise. Suha promises. Ishwari says Dev how can he get Sona back in his life when he promised he will not. Dev says it is about Suhana. Ishwari says Suhana is a child. Bejoy starts fighting. GKB starts yelling. Dev says he can do anything to stay with Suhana. Bejoy yells he will ruin Sona’s life again. Sona says it is mutual decision. Asha says Suhana is Dev and Sona’s daughter and has right to stay with them together.

Precap: Dev enters Sona’s house with his bag and asks Bejoy if he was missing him. Bejoy asks Sona what is he doing here. Dev asks Sona if she did not inform Mr. Bose that he will stay here for 1 week and then she will stay at his house for 1 week and vice versa.

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