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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update on

Mamaji coments that both parents are needed for child’s growth and Dev and Sona took right decision. Ishwari, GKB, and Bejoy fume in anger. Mamaji takes Ishwari and GKB. Sona asks Asha to take Soha home, she will speak to Dev and come back soon. Dev promises Soha that he will meet her soon. Soha thanks him and tells she is going with Dida, though she is very cool and she calls her Asha. Dev says yes she is cool and thanks Asha. Bejoy shouts he will not let Dev play his trick. Sona asks him why he was going to Kolkota when Sourav’s engagement is tomorrow. Dev asks Bejoy if he needs his help. Sona stops him. Bejoy leaves with Asha and Sourav.

Dev and Sona reach office and discuss where they will stay. Dev asks Sona to stay at his house. She says she will not return to that mad house. He says looking at Bejoy, he does not think there will be peace there. Their argument starts. They decide they will stay 1 week in each other’s house. Sona returns home and Soha asks what she and papa decided. Sona says not yet, but will decide soon. Bejoy shouts disaster and walks to his room. Soha says she trusts mamma as she is world’s best mamma and will go to calm down Daadu.

Sourav engagemet wears sherwani and shows it to Ronita over video call. She laughs. He says he told he does not look good in gold color. She says he is looking very handsome. He asks why she is laughing then. She says she is wearing gold color, that does not mean he should wear gold color. He says SRK told one life, one death, one marriage. They both laugh.

GKB goes to Ishwari’s room and asks if she should book even her Haridwar ticket as Sona is coming here to kick them out. She starts brainwashing and says she should file police complaint against Sona and family to teach them a lesson. Ishwari says she will not do anything like that. GKB continues brainwashing that Sona will kick them all out and take Dev away.

Dev gets ready to leave for Sona’s house. GKB starts her dirty game again. Dev says he has promised Soha that he will stay with him, so he and Sona decided that they will stay in each other’s house for a week. Mamaji praises that Dev has not forgotten his responsibilities and asks Ishwari to bless him. Dev touches her feet and leaves. Ishwari says she is doing son’s farewell like a daughter, once Soha comes here for a week, she will transform Soha into Dixit before she leaves.

Sourav and Ronita’s engagement starts. Whole family performs rituals in traditional bengali style. Jatin sees Soha sad and asks what happened. Soha asks Sona when will papa come. Sona says he may come tomorrow. Jatin ass Sourav to dance. Sourav says he will dance if baba dances. Bejoy says he will dance with Asha and Jatin with Sona. Jatin says he found another girl and hugs Soha. They all start dancing.

Dev reaches Sona’s house and reminisces his old days when he tries to enter house and Sona stops him, but Asha greets him in, his and Sona’s rain dance, their romance, etc. He thinks he was happy till now, but from today he is Suhana’s papa.

Bejoy hears door bell and opens it, stands in a shock seeing Dev. Dev asks if he missed him. Asha asks who is it. Sona asks what happened. Bejoy shouts what is he doing here. Dev asks Sona if she did not inform Mr. Bose that he will stay here for 1 week and then she will stay at his home for 1 week and this goes on.

Precap: Bejoy shouts at Sona to tell this man to stay away. Dev says he is here as Soha’s father.

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