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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 28th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 28th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Sona says she decided not to work and stay with Suha and Shubh. Dev says she got a government project, does she think SHorabh will handle the project alone. Sonakshi says she has thought well before taking this decision. Dev insists she needs to think a little more. Sona places her head over Dev’s shoulder.

Aleena was checking mail. Vicky asks if she thinks its all normal that Sona is going to work. Aleena says no… actually… Vicky says children need mother the most, its mother’s duty to sit at work and take care after kids and a husband’s duty to take care of earnings. He agree women have to sacrifice thier dreams, but what husbands earn is for family. It doesn’t if the dreams are achieved or not, one must take of its responsibility.

There in the room, Sona wakes up apologetic that she had slept. She asks Dev to come to sleep, they will get to know when Shubh is awake. Dev tells Sona he has made a decision, they will change everything. In their society, only a mother has to sacrifice but they need to change this rule. Now she will run the business, and he will take care of kids. Sona says he needs sleep definitely. Dev says he doesnt joke so late, Vicky will take care of his business but none can replace her. Sona asks if its a joke. Dev says its serious, he won’t go to work tomorrow. Sona says they will talk about it tomorrow.

Dev says he has been running for long, its time for him to slow down and take care of his family now. Sona says he has an expertise in business, taking care of home is difficult. Sona asks what when the world would know Dev Dixit is a house husband. Dev says what his family thinks matter, not the world. He has been given a chance to be with her which he didn’t have when Suha was borne. He now wants an awared of best husband. They sleep hand in hand.

Next morning, Dev comes to breakfast table and announces he will take care of Suhana and Shubh from today. Ishwari takes it lightly. Dev says from today she will look after kids and home, and Sona will handle her business. Radha asks who would do business. Dev says Vicky will take care of business. Vicky asks how he would do this, Dev tells him to try. He has made the decision. Ishwari question what’s this decision, if they think its a joke. A man and woman has special place in life, and the rules have been thoughtfully decided. Her brother tries to calm Ishwari down, but she wasn’t ready.

Dev insists they create the soceity, and all these rules can be changed as well. Dev asks if she fear they can’t take responsibility of kids, at maximum he would commit a mistake but she needs to trust him. Radha comes to Ishwari and says they must not abide by every decision of thier kid. They must allow them to take decisions of thier lives, but Ishwari must also worry what thier society would think of them. Radha suggests Ishwari must speak to Dev that children’s brought up isn’t easy. Ishwari agrees that their decision seems wrong to me, but Dev can’t change his consent so easily.

Golu was in the room mocking his work on laptop. Dev watches this from the door, as they mock of being husband and wife. Golu asks her for tea and appreciates her. Aleena comes to speak to him. Dev tells her not to forbid him for any work. Aleena instead appreciate his decision, its a rare one. Dev says they need to consider each other equal. Aleena says not all husbands are understanding, Vicky comes there and questions if he must sit back at home. Dev says Vicky has a logic. Aleena says logically, when Dev goes to office Vicky must sit back home.

Vicky insists thier children know its the best balance they have created, and is the right thing to do.
Ishwari comes to room and tells Sona she didn’t think they will take such a meaning about what she said. Sona explains she is really shocked herself. Ishwari says if even Dev has taken the decision only she can change. Ishwari says they must not take the decision only the change the rules of world. Being partners don’t mean you take each other’s place. Sona says she agrees. Ishwari was upset that Sona doesnt want to do what she is saying.

There, Shorab taunts that his wife can’t even take care of a single child. She says even Shorabh is doing the same, as Dev. Bejoy tells Aasha that Dev has taken the best decision, it will support Sona alot. Vicky asks Aleeena why she disgraced him in front of Dev. Aleena says she could have achieved alot in life, but was stuck with responsibility of Golu. Vicky asks if she could have earned more than him? Aleena calls him a male chauvinist.

Vicky forbids her to think about him becoming as Dev, he has to live and win but not as a woman.
Dev comes to Sona and finds him lost. Sona says she can’t live for so many hours without Shubh. Dev asks if she wants to send him away from Shubh then, this is selfish. He says alright, they must both sit back at home and bring up kids. He tells Sona she experienced it in life already, but its his first chance. Sona says she thinks what everyone is saying is right. Dev says if Sona supports him he can do anything, will she trust him?


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 29th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sona confirms if Dev would be able to do this. Dev tells her to go and take care of her office, he will well do it in her guidance.

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