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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 29th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 29th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Sona guides Dev about list of to dos. She suggests him to read a book on baby. Dev takes Shubh and says his mother must now leave for office.

Shorab feels he must also have got someone to handle the baby. His wife says she is training him to handle the baby, she guarantees Shorab would never fail.

Aasha and Bejoy were discussing about the decision of Dev and Sona. Bejoy was sure they will be successful; Shorab also convinces his wife that Dev and Sona are going to succeed in their decision.
Ishwari was tensed in her room when her brother arrives. She accepts she is worried, for her children. Her brother says she must be worried if this has a false effect on children; she needs to give them a chance to understand their point of view. Ishwari asks if he considers they are doing the right thing. None can take the place of a woman in this world, their kids need mother right now. Her brother assures his faith over Dev, he is proud of Dev promoting his wife. He leaves the room for her to sleep.

Dev was in the room closely observing Shubh. Sona asks why is he walking in the midst of night, Dev says he was checking Shubh. Dev doesn’t come to her. Sona makes him sit on the floor and comes to massage his head, she insists it would be her decision if he needs a massage or not. Dev shares his nervousness with her, he is afraid what Shubh and Suha would think about him. Sona says they have taken the decision together, and now he is nervous; he needs to trust himself. This doesn’t mean he continue getting head massage, Dev asks to do it for some time more.

The next morning, Dev tells the cooks he will decide what each tiffin would contain. At the breakfast table, Radha and Mama ji come to the table. Radha asks who did this. Mama ji says it seems like a festival. Sona joins the breakfast table. Radha tells Sona this isn’t good Dev went to kitchen just to support her. Ishwari comes downstair, Sona notices she was in a bad mood.

Dev comes to wake Golu and Suha but they ask him for a few minutes. Dev decides to tickle the kids. Suha says tickling will get him punishment, they will now sleep five more minutes. Outside the room, Sona was worried they will be late for school. Dev assures he will look after them, she should leave for office. She slips by him and fell into his arms. He qualifies now she will get late because of romance. Sona hurries to the car, but her dress gets stuck in the car door. She turns to change.

Inside, Dev was checking bags of kids. Vicky comes to inform him the meetings with Indonesian delegate were rescheduled in Chandigarh. Dev was sure Vicky would take care of it, Aleena also takes Dev’s permission to go for a meeting; she will also have vacation with Dev. Ishwari comes to Dev offering her help. Dev comes to kid’s room and notices the kids were still asleep. He shouts at PK and asks why he didn’t wake the kids up. The kids appear from under the blanket, ready for school. Golu asks if he liked the prank.

In the office, Sona was discussing the cost of project. She gets a call and asks if everything is fine Dev? It was Aasha and says she called her for something else last night. Sona tries to explain but Aasha didn’t understand. Bejoy comes to her and asks to relax. He says he is thinking to congratulate Dev for this decision, this would boost his morale. During the breakfast, Dev braids Suha’s hair while Sona conducts the meetings.


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 2nd October 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : The kids were late for school. Dev requests the guard to let them in. he gets a call from Sona and lies that kids reached school in time.

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