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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 3rd February 2017 Written Episode Update


Sona reaches home. She sees Suhana’s message on TV screen and gets very happy. Mamaji excitedly tells Golu that they will enjoy Ishwari’s prepared tasty food and asks him to call Dev and tell he will not have food until he has. Golu leaves. GKB in her usual broken English yells Dev will not have food here. Mamaji calls her angrez ki chichi and shuts her mouth. Sona goes down. Bejoy praises her that Suhan is exactly like sona, he is proud of Sona that she is a good daughter and a better mother. Sona asks what happened to him today, he is praising a lot. He says his daughter is so talented, it is obvious for him to praise.

Mamaji goes to Ishwari’s room and asks what is she doing here, everyone is waiting for her down. Ishwari says she not hungry. Mamaji says Dev is getting back to normal, so she need not worry. He takes her down and sees Dev and Golu enjoying food. Mamaji says Ishwari that he told her, things are getting back to normal. Ishwari then sees everyone enjoying pizza instead. Vicky says bhai gave pizza party on winning ludo game. Dev offers pizza to Ishwari and she says he can have it. Golu tells badi daadi sat on floor and prepared food for big chachu and told big chachu will have food after so many days. Dev says okay then, pizza is an appetizer, they will have food. He insists Ishwari and she serves food. She says she prepared his favorite besan halwa. He says he does not want to remember old says again. He gets a call and leaves picking food. Ishwari tries to leave. Mamaji stops her and says brother and sister will have food from same plat, he will feed her today. He feeds her a bite and she realizes she did not add salt in food. GKB and Vicky also make weird face. Ishwari walks to Dev and asks if he finished food. He says yes. She says she did not add salt in it. He says it looked fine and he ate it. He walks to his room. Ishwari cries that her son forgot her taste. Mamaji tries to console her. She says her son changed beause of Sona who took her son away from her. She will fight with her fate and even Sona.

Dev reaches office in the morning with Vicky. Vicky asks Dev if Sona called back. Dev says Sona is superegoistic and will starve, but not call him. His staff comes and he asks to start work soon. Manager says yesterday there was a fire accident at office, so fire brigade officers broke lock and now Sona has keys of new lock. Dev fumes and calls Sona, but she rejects his call. Dev scold all this happened and nobody informed him. He scolds Vicky that he is CEO of the company and does not know anything. Vicky says he will call lock breaker. Dev scolds he is so dumb and is asking instead of bringing lock breaker. Vicky leaves.

Dev asks hammer and is about to break lock when Sona enters and shouts. Dev says it is his office. Sona says it is even her office, opens lock and asks her staff to start work. Dev fumes in anger. His manager shows him burnt papers in garbage and says someone set fire purposefully. Dev realizes it is Sona and angrily walks to her desk. Income tax officer comes and tells Dev that he got a tip that Dev’s company is evading tax by selling mobiles in black. Dev says he got a wrong tip. Sona says she gave tip and gives proof to officer. Dev says Sona did not do right, his company’s reputation will be lost. Sona says even she has an office here and she does not want her employees being troubled due to Dev’s illegal business. Officer seals Dev’s office space for 48 hours and says Dev cannot enter premises until investigation finishes. Dev tells Sona did not do right.

Precap: Sona reaches Dev’s home. Dev taunts if she remembers her old family and came to meet maa. Sona says he again is hiding behind his mother’s pallu and sent her mother to rescue him.

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