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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 5th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 5th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ishwari gets a call from office that Laksh wants to meet her tomorrow. Ishwari says she will reach on time. She turns and gets tensed seeing Dev standing. Dev asks if she was speaking to her new friend, why don’t she call her friend here, even they will meet her. Ishwari thinks she wants to inform him about her job, but will wait for sometime.

Dev enters his room and sees Sona searching something on bed, asks what she is searching. She asks if she knows what she is searching. She asks if he knows. He says he knows she is searching her hair as her hair are falling and he sees them all around, on his bed, on his face, everywhere. She gets offended and says why did not he inform her before. He says earlier he thought it is normal, but then realized lots of hair. She says even his hair may fall. He says no way. She says he has developed paunch/tummy by eating mom’s cooked food. He looks into mirror and says where is paunch, he does not have, says it is better than being bald.

Bejoy reads whole novel and asks Asha where is mention of her lover in this book. Sourav laughs and says baba read whole book. Asha says she just mentioned about a peeping neighbor who became friend. Bejoy says how can she hide it, he is head of family. Daadi says she is head of family. He says he will also write a novel, Bejoy and 101 girlfriends. Daadi taunts to fine at least 1 girlfriend. Sourav laughs again that he cannot believe baba read whole book.

While sleeping, Dev taunts Sona again and says even if she gets bald, he will love him similarly. She sleeps and says if she does not, her hair fall will continue. He asks to wake up and talk to him. She says let us sleep, he will not get his paunch and her hair will not fall. Their nok jhok continues.

Next morning, Ishwari meets Laksh and nervously asks if he wanted to meet her. He says yes and asks if she sent letters to his clients. She says yes and seeing him sipping already 3rd coffee cup asks to stop. He says their client liked her personal touch a lot and are calling since yesterday personally. Some are ready to invest in his project. He says from now on, all letters will go out in her handwriting and with her approval. Ishwari says she was worried he would dismiss her from job. He says all employees here are young and passionate and they need a mature guide like her, how can he restricate her.

Dev meets Nikki and says she knows she is his favorite and as usual his duty is to scold her, but she should have informed him about Laksh and how perfect he is for her. She says now that he knows everything, will he convince maa, she knows he cannot, so let it be and walks away.

Ishwari works listening to bhajan. Laksh comes and she tells youngsters here told work will be easy if they listen to their favorite music. He says he is happy she listens to bhajans and asks to teach handwriting. She says it comes from childhood and if it is bad and once mom slaps 2-3 times, they will correct themselves. Laksh asks her to decorate opposite desk. Ishwari asks if it is his special one’s. He says very special. After sometime, a pregnant lady walks in after long leave and other employees chat with her. Ishwari helps her sit on her desk and says she will call her husband Laksh. Lady says Laksh is not her husband and he takes care of all employees with great love. Ishwari gets impressed with Laksh’s nature. She then calls Asha and describes how good Laksh is. Asha says she gained in 2 days what people normally gain in ages.

At Bose house, Bejoy practices boxing. Sourav sees that and says there is no lover in mom’s life, why he is so aggressive. Bejoy shows Asha’s social media account and hot comments from clients, says he will break their bones. Sourav laughs and says he cannot punch them physically. Bejoy says he will enter into enter and beat them.

Asha returns home thinking how to inform Dev and Sona about her job. Golu and Soha happily hug her and chat. She asks them to mimic as Dev and Sona and says she wants to rejoin a job and what is Dev’s opinion. Golu reacts exactly like Dev and Soha handles him like Sona. Ishwari thinks she got an idea.

Dev returns home and informs Sona what Nikki told him. He asks how will they convince maa. Sona says they have to somehow. He says he got an idea. Ishwari enters and asks what are they talking about.


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 6th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sona asks Ishwari if she is doing job. Ishwari says since 2 days. Sona asks why did not she inform them. Dev asks what happened Sona says maa got a job and is attending it since 2 days