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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 5th October 2017 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 5th October 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dev was changing Shubh’s clothes. Ishwari watches Nikisha come to help him and also teach him to hold Shubh’s neck from behind as well. Sona was calling Dev but he didn’t receive the call. She calls the landline, Ishwari tells Sona to be worried about her kids not Dev. They needs her. Sona says Dev asked her for one month time onlyand she has promised him, if he is unable to manage then she will stay at home with kids. She was called for a meeting and leaves. She thinks she must give Dev a chance, he does what he commits.

Ishwari watches Dev getting kids ready for school. Nikisha was busy with phone as she held Shubh in her arms. Ishwari tells her to do one task at a time but she replies not to worry. They notice Suha was sitting upset, she shares she still has stomach ache. Dev was concerned and says he needs to take her to hospital. He asks Nikisha to come along with him and bring Shubh. Ishwari was not ready to let Shubh and Nikisha but Dev insists on her that he appointed the nany for this reason only.

Sona was in a meeting, Ishwari calls Sona and informs her that Suha is sick again. Dev has taken her to hospital and even Shubh as well. Shorabh stops Sona from leaving an important meeting. Sona tells him to take care of the matters here, she will have to leave for her kids right now.

At home, Radha and Mama ji try to calm Ishwari. Ishwari was worried about Dev and kids. Mama ji suggests her to go to hospital, else she will remain tensed here. Radha says Dev might dislike if she reaches hospital abruptly but Ishwari wasn’t ready to understand and says even Dev needs to understand him.

Sona, Ishwari and Mama ji reach hospital together. A nurse informs Sona that doctor is in emergency room busy with a case. They were all worried and come to emergency room. Ishwari asks if Dev is inside during examination atleast the nany must have been here. The doctor comes out right then. The doctor comes out and says Suha’s infection worsened, he has written some more medicines and a complete best rest. Ishwari complains Dev must have informed them that Suha is fine. Sona gets a call from Radha, she was worried that the kids are back home and Shubh is crying badly. Ishwari asks about Nikisha. Radha says Dev is boiling water, while Nikisha is only chatting on phone. They turn to leave for home. Sona gets a call from Shorabh and goes aside to get the call. Shorabh tells Sona to come to office, the client wants to meet her. Sona questions what the clients want to say now. She says she will have to go home right now, the client must wait.

At home, Iswari comes to see Nikisha busy with her phone. They go to hurry towards Shubh. In the room, Sona takes Shubh from Dev’s arms. He had been badly crying. Dev calms Sona that everything is under control. Dev says he had rashes. Sona complains he must have informed them while leaving hospital. Dev says his phone got off, he told Nikisha to inform everyone.

Radha was sitting with Suha. Ishwari comes there and explains she went to meet her in hospital. Suha assures she is fine now, she got an injection as well but didn’t cry. Ishwari cuddles with Suha and tells her to lay down and rest.

Nikisha was still busy with the phone. Ishwari comes to the hall and snatches the phone off her hand. She questions if there is an app to bring up kids in this phone, they didn’t appoint her to speak on phone. Everyone gathers. Sona questions Nikisha why she didn’t call them when Dev asked her to inform everyone. Ishwari also questions Nikisha. Dev defends she must have forgotten. Ishwari insists Nikisha is here to help Dev. Nikisha replies she got busy with her phone call, she has some other matters to handle as well; would Ishwari handle al this? Dev interrupts Nikisha for speaking to Ishwari so rudely. Ishwari fires Nikisha from her job. Dev warns Nikisha to say another word, but Sona says Ishwari is already speaking to her. Nikisha leaves after getting insulted. Dev also intructs him to get out.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 6th October 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :PRECAP: Ishwari brings Kofta for Dev which she prepared. Dev had just taken a bite when they hear Shubh crying.

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