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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 7th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 7th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Ishwari consoles crying Soha and says Golu will inform in school that she is crying. She tells her story. Soha laughs. Dev tells story over phone and Ishwari repeats it. Sona says Dev she will get him something to eat. He says he is not hungry. She insist and goes to kitchen. Ishwari comes and tells Dev that Soha is sad without her brother, even Dev is sad without his brother and wants him back. At Bose house, Elena informs whole story to Asha. Asha says why did not Sona and Ishwari did not inform her about it and asks Elena to inform her if anything happens there.

Dev goes to Golu’s school and tries to speak to him. Golu says he does not want to speak to him, why did he let him go. Dev says even he did not stop. Golu says e is elder and should have stopped him. Dev tries to convince him to return home. Golu says mamma told not to meet him at all. Sona goes to Elena and Vicky’s house. Elena at door says she would have asked her for coffee if she had come to meet her. Sona says maa prepared sweets, so she brought it for them and says Dev is missing Golu and wants him back. Elena says Golu will not come without his pappa, Dev event went to Golu’s school and tried to convince him to return home. Vicky sees Sona and asks why is bhabhi standing out, why did not Elena call her in. Elena says she would have called Sona in if she had come to meet them, but she came to take Golu home. Vicky walks in. Elena says if she saw how much Vicky has changed, but Dev will not change.

Sona returns home. Dev asks if Golu came. She nods no. He sadly says he cannot stay away from Golu and wants him to return home soon. Next morning, Dev gets ready in casual clothes. Sona asks where is he going. He says to meet a client. Sona asks in casual clothes. He says client does not mind and leaves. Sona then goes to Soha’s room and asks her to get ready for school. Soha holding he stomach says she is having severe headache. Sona says she is holding stomach. Soha says until Golu return she will not go to school.

Dev goes to Golu’s school wearing mask on his bike. Golu says his big cha has much cooler bike than him and he rides really well. Dev asks to call his big cha then. Golu says he cannot call as he is angry on big cha. Dev opens mask and apologizes. Golu excitedly runs towards him. Dev says let us go on a ride. Golu says they will have even ice cream. Dev says they will do a lot of masti and gives him child helmet. Dev then takes Golu home. Ishwari gets happy seeing him and calls GKB and Mamaji. GKB emotionally hugs him and asks how is he. He says he is good. She kisses him. He says she wet his cheeks. Mamaji pampers Golu and says they missed him. Golu says even he missed them. Sona says Ishwari that Dev corrected his mistake. Dev says Golu that everyone love him so much, let us go in. Vicky comes. GKB gets very happy seeing him and asks him to come in. Vicky says he will not come in and came here searching Golu as Dev brought Golu without informing them. Ishwari is shocked and looks at Dev. GKB insists Vicky to come in. Vicky says he cannot and says Golu let us go to school, he has to go to office. Dev says Golu is at home and will not go anywhere. Vicky says Soha and Golu should be in school at this time. Dev says he will drop them to school. Soha and Golu come getting ready for school and asks Vicky to drop them to school.


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Golu and Soha’s teacher informs Dev that they both missed school many times and even today did not attend school. While returning home, Sona asks Soha how was her day in class today. Soha says good. Dev tries to scold her, but Sona stops him.

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