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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Dev asks Sona why she does this often even after he stops her, she went to bring someone home who separated them. Ishwari says Sona did right and Vicky has changed. Dev says Vicky has not changed and he is acting. Ishwari says Suhana has stayed between relationships and she needs them. Dev says she can stay without fake relationship. Their argument continues.

Sourav returns home very tensed speaking over phone. Asha asks what happened. He says he is very tensed and cannot speak. She says if he speak, he can go relaxed in front of Ronita. He days Sona gave cheques to clients which don’t have balance, all cheques bounced, he asked legal team to speak to Sona, but Sona canceled meetings.

Dev sits in corridor tensed. Sona comes and sits next to him. Dev says if she remembers, she compared Soha to a sunflower and wanted to protect her like a flower, he wants to protect Soha and do whatever is best for her. Sona says she knows and leans on his shoulder. Soha sits in her room sadly. Ishwari enters and sees watch and scrap book on floor and asks what happened. Soha says when she was in Kolkota, her friends used to greet her beforehand and she used to party a day before, here nothing is happening.

Dev on the other side tells Sona that they will throw theme party for Soha, she will like it, it will be a surprise party for Soha and keep it surprise for guests also. Sona asks when will they bake cake then, if he brought cake ingredients. Dev says yes, maida, choc chips, choc cream, etc. Sona says she asked vanilla as Soha likes vanilla cake. Dev asks which child does not like choc cake. Sona says his daughter is different, she would have brought ingredients herself. Dev says she always wants to do things herself and not involve him. Their argument starts. Ishwari comes to show Soha how excited their parents are and making birthday arrangements. Soha gets sad seeing their argument and runs away.

Soha over phone informs Golu what happened. Golu asks not to get sad, he will celebrate her birthday. He asks Vicky to take him to Soha’s home, he wants to wish her first and cut cake with her. Vicky says he will take him there, but he should tell he came with driver. Elena disagrees, but stops seeing their excitement. Golu reaches Soha’s house. Soha gets happy seeing him. Ishwari asks if he came alone, where is his father. Golu says papa dropped him and left. Ishwaari pops from window and sees Vicky outside. She walks back fuming that Soha’s parents are fighting instead of arranging daughter’s birthday, who does that. She hears Dev and Sona discussing about preparing cake in kitchen and their nok jhok, running behind each other to smar choc on face. She smiles that she was wrong, they are so excited to celebrate daughter’s birthday. Dev and Sona’s nok jhok continues. They both relax then. Dev asks when Soha was born, who was with her. She says Sourav. Dev says where is he this time, he cannot be late, call him.

Sourav tells Asha that he is losing patience and is going to meet Sona, how can she be so careless. Asha asks him to wait for some days. Sourav says all clients and vendors will leave them, he will go right now. Bejoy stops him and says Sona must be busy in arrangements, he should not disturb her. Sourav asks what arrangements. Bejoy says Soha’s birthday arrangements. Sourav says how could he forget Soha’s birthday, let us buy her gift online. Bejoy walks with him.

Golu asks Soha not to be sad, it is her birthday. Vicky comes and blindfolds her from behind. Golu asks Soha to tell who is it. Dev and Sona continue to prepare cake. Dev asks what happened after she reached hospital. Sona says everyone were eagerly waiting outside labor room. In room, Soha says it is cool dadu. Golu says wrong, it is papa. Soha gets happy seeing Vicky. Vicky says they will celebrate her birthday right now. Sona and Dev walk towards room. Vicky hears their voice and hides with Golu beside bed. Dev and Sona enter and see Soha sleeping.


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Dev takes Soha to birthday venue and asks how is his surprise. Soha says this is superhero theme, where is mamma. Dev says she must be somewhere. Soha runs to search Sona. Dev thinks Sona should have reached by now.

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