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Kuldeepak 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Kuldeepak 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Krish comes near Manjila. She screams and is scared. She comes out of her room. Krish is there too. Manjila screams. He switches from Krish and Chiragh. He says I am chiragh then he says no I am krish. He laughs. Manjila comes screaming to Vidya and diwan’s room. She wakes them up. Manjila says there.. Krish.. Vidya says how can Krish be here. Manjila says no its Chiragh. Vidya sees Chirgah is not on bed. Manjila says come with me. He was here. When they oem to hall no one is there.

Manjila says look there. A kid is standing is dark. Vidya goes near him. Its chiragh. Diwan says ba come with me. He takes her room. Vidya says chiragh what are you doing here. Diwan says see its not Krish. Its chiragh. You said chiragh is krish. Vidya says this is chiragh. Chiragh says mummy ba is calling me krish again. Diwan says why you came here? Chiragh says I came here to drink water. Chiragh says ma I krish and not your son?
Vidya says you are my son Chiragh.

They take ba to room. Manjila says what is happening in this house. Sometimes I sees Chiragh sometimes krish. What is happening. he is doing all this. He is a devil. Diwam says ba please sit here. Vidya brings shiela there Manjila sleeps. They go to their room.

Scene 2
Diwan says Vidya don’t send chiragh to school today. Vidya says he has to go to school. If he stays here he will have weird thoughts that he is not chirgah. Diwan says I am going to hospital. Yashodin is conscious. I have to go there. Yashodin is behind what is happening in our house.

Manjila tells Paresh everything. He says did you tell diwan? Manjila says they don’t trust me. Chiragh was controlling my tongue. He changed my words. Paresh says it is difficult to believe. She says what did you hear? He says that there is devil in him. Manjila says so I can only tell truth when chiragh is not there. Let them come back from school. I will tell them truth. He says first let yashodin talk to us. We should keep this to us.
Manjila says you didn’t see what I did. It will be too late.

Chiragh comes to school. Vidua says have a good day. Chiragh stops a girl and picks pin from her way so it doesn’t hurt her. Bulbul says hi chiragh. She smiles. Vidya smiles too. Chiragh wears his shades. He bows down and gives her chocolate.

Manjila calls Yashodin and tells him everything. He says before he is out of hands we have to stop. Manjila says how? He says I know how to control him. I have to get out of here first.
Chiragh is coming there. Yashodin screams. Inspector goes to call the doctor and yashodin sneaks out. Diwan and Inspector come to room and yashodin is not there. Diwan says he fooled you. Sashu tells him that all the doors are being closed.

Bulbul says chiragh you did so good. You taught yash a lesson. He gives her rose. She says how you brought it? He says by magic. He says wow. Chiragh does tricks and everyone is impressed. Yashi says show me magic to. Chiragh says I can show you your future. Look at this cake. He smashed the cake in his face. Yash twists his arm.
Teacher comes in. Yash says I will see you.

yashodin is sneaking out in a wardboy’s costume. Diwan says yashodin.. He breaks fire alarms. There are people running everywhere. Yashodin goes away from them.
Manjila says you all know I trust in God. You also know I won’t ever lie in temple. She says I said chiragh had krish’s soul thats a lie. I wanted to say something else. There is kaal in him. He controls my tongue. He wants to prove me mad. Vidya says what are you saying. How can he do this. Manjila says he is devil.


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