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Kuldeepak 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Kuldeepak 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Manjila says that devil will ruin everything. Vidya says enough ma. He is my son. Vidya shows her the video. She says look at my son. He is not a devil. Manjila says I have seen his real face. I thought you would believe me. But that devil has fooled the mother inside you. Shiela says what are you saying. Manjila says I am saying truth. The day Vidya sees the truth she will know. Vidya says I know my child and that is enough. A mother is not weak and that is why she is mom.
Manjila says I will prove what I said. I swear on God. This is not between me and you. This is between my belief and your blind motherhood. Vidya says I won’t believe what you say about my son.
Manjila says if I lose I wont’ pray again. Vidya says Chiragh is my son and my son can’t be devil.

If you are right I will do what you say.

Bulbul says to Chiragh Chiragh knows everything. Chiragh teaches yash too. I will introduce him to you all.
Yasjh stops bulbul and says you are being friend with this stupid. He grasps her arm. Chiragh says leave her hand. Yash shoves Chiragh. Chirgah says don’t annoy bulbul.

Dai’s magic isn’t working on chriagh. Chiragh says I love you mummy again and again. yash says he is missing mummy. Chiragh picks his crystal ball. Dai says stop saying that lord. teach that yash a lesson. Chiragh shoves Yash He falls down.

Shiela says to Vidya what happened couldn’t. Shanaya says she is so confident that is why she said all that. Vidya says I am confident on my son too. I am sad this happened. Diwan comes in. He says I was right everything is happening because of that yashodin. Shanaya tells him everything.
Yash tries to eat lunch of a student. Chiragh says leave yash here and rest go out of class. Yash says yes I will beat him in person. All students leave.
Chiragh shuts the door. He shoves yash so hard. yash tries to punch him but Churagh controls his hand. Yash is scared. Chiragh floats him with his magic.
Vidya sasy to Diwan my chiragh can never be wrong. Chiragh opens the door. Vidya says I am worried for ma. He can’t be devil. Chiragh walks out.
Kids come in. yash is there fainted on the floor.


Kuldeepak 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vidya tells Diwan chiragh has injured a classmate really bad. Manjila says see I told you. Pricipal says I have never seen a kid being this violent. Manjila says I told you he is a devil. Chiragh says ba is a liar. Vidya slaps him.

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