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Kuldeepak 121th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Kuldeepak 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Teacher comes in the class and sees yash badly injured and fainted. She says who did this..
She says who did all this? A student says chirgah asked us to go out. Then yash and chiragh were here. She says where is chiragh? Chiragh comes inside. Principal comes too. They call an ambulance. He says call Chiragh’s parents here.
Shanaya says to Vidya mummy must have a point too. Vidya gets a call from school. She says what.. no no. This can’t happen. I am coning. Shiela says what happened? She says I have to go to school. Vidya runs. Diwan says what happened? She says Chiragh has injured a student. Diwan says no this is not possible. I don’t believe this. Ba says this devil would do a lot more. Diwan says what do you mean ba? Vidya says we are getting late we have go there.

Principal asks Chiragh why did you hit Yash? He says I didn’t hit him. Vidya and chiragh come in. Vidya gsays are you okay? Principal says he is fine but what about the child he has beaten? In last 25 years I have never seen a child hitting his classmate like this. Vidya says chiragh did you beat him? He says I didn’t even touch yash. Dai laughs. she says very good. You didn’t touch yash anyway.
Principal says he is lying. We have to take care of the students. Yash is still fainted and hospitalized. All proofs are against him. Bulbul comes in and says I know what happened. Yash always annoyed and beat all of us. He was hitting me today and then chiragh saved me. Yash wants to avenge that. I thought chiragh would say everyone what truth is. Ronu says she is right.
Diwan says chiragh didn’t hit him. Principal says we will know what truth is after yash is conscious. we will take strict action against him if something is wrong. you have to watch out your son. Diwan vidya and chiragh go out. Bulbul and ronu smile at him.

Scene 2
Prohit is doing pooja. Manjila tells him everything on call. He says this is what I was scared about. his devil is increasing. Manjila says please save us. Prohit says I am preparing but we have to bring chiragh here. We have to do this pooja.
Chiragh comes home. Manjjila says what happened in the school? Diwan says we won’t discuss in front of him. Manjila says he even changes my words. Its not too late. Before things go out of hand we have to control him. Vidya says nothing happened. Paresh says then what about that injured child? Diwan says Chiragh didn’t hit it. Shanaya says why was only chiragh named? Ba says you can’t close your eyes to this. Chiragh says ba is lying. Vidya says chiragh shut up. you can’t talk between elders. Chiragh says ba only lies. Everyone in this house is a liar. Vidya slaps chiragh. The crystal ball falls from his hand. Diwan says what is wrong with you. vidya says he has lost all this manners. He will sit outside house all day. I wont listen to anyone. Go out of house. This is your punish. Chiragh says but I am hungry. Vidya says you won’t get anything to eat. She locks him outside house.

Diwan says what is wrong with you. Vidya says what should I do when people say all this about my son? He says I am bringing him inside. Vidya says no. i don’t wanna talk about anything. He says okay.
Chiragh is sitting on the bench and crying. Diwan comes to him. He says see what I brought for you. Your sandwich. Are you hungry? eat it. Then we will keep it secret. Chiragh says I can’t eat it.
Diwan says what happened? He says I am hungry but mummy isn’t making me eat. I will only eat once she forgives me. Diwan says mummy punished you. He says because mummy loves me. She is the only one who loves me. Diwan says I am so proud of you.
Stay here I will bring mummy here.
Chiragh is in the garden. Vidya is crying. She touches all his eyes. She recalls what principal said. Vidya looks at Chiraghy from the balcony. Someone kidnaps Chiragh. Its sashu. He picks chiragh and leaves.


Kuldeepak 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Alpesh says we looked everywhere. Chiragh is nowhere. Yashodin tells Manjila his address. Vidya comes in.

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