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Kuldeepak 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kuldeepak 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
The new teacher says good morning students. She says I am your new teacher Kamiya. Vidya says I am chiragh’s mom. Kamiya says hello. She says I have heard a lot about you. I am here to play with you kids. I won’t scold you. Kamiya says to Vidya I know everything that happened with chiragh. But don’t worry he is in safe hands. Thank you for making chiragh and yash friends. Vidya leaves. Kamiya does the seating.

Manjila gets a call. She says is all right that you are saying about shanaya? Shiela says what happened ma? Manjila says what she was trying to hide. I was doubting this. We should tell everyone about it. Sheila says first tell me what it is.
Manjila calls Vidya and says come home. I want to tell you something about shanya. Vidya says but I am with chiragh. Manjika says just come home.
Vidya comes outside the class. Kamiya says is there any problem? Vidya says there is something urgent in home. Can I take chiragh home? chiragh says no I don’t wanna go. I am having fun. Mummy I will come late.
Kamiya says leave him. He will come when the day is off. Vidya says I can’t leave him alone. Kamiya says I am here with you. We will make chiragh behave normal. That’s very important. Kids need freedom. Don’t worry and go home. I will take care of chiragh. Vidya says I feel like I can count on you. She leaves.

Scene 2
Vidya comes home. Manjila says do you know something about shanaya? Vidya says in heart does she know about shanay’s modelling contract? Shiela says its time to celebrate. Manjila says shnaya is pregnant. Vidya says congratulations. Manjila says shanaya doesn’t know about it. She fainted and doctor called me. He told me about her pregnancy. Shanya comes home. Alpesh says what is all this? Manjila says you will be a father. Shanaya is shocked. Shanay goes to her room.
Alpesh says what happened? why you left? You are not happy? Shanya says you know that I don’t want kids. It signed modelling contract today for two years. This was my dream. Today when my dream is coming true I.. Alpesh says so what? You don’t want this child? Your dreams are more important than our child? I always stood by you. But I have some desires too. Every woman wants to become mother. Shanaya says its not like that. I didn’t know how to react. This baby is important for me too. He picks her up and says I am so happy. Vidya comes in and congratulates Shanaya.

Scene 3
Bulbul says to Chiragh I called you cute you should buy me ice cream. He says where will I bring ice cream from? She says I was kidding. There are no ice cream parlours nearby. Chiragh says I can still give you ice cream. He goes out and rotates his cube. Ice cream comes in his hand. Kamiya comes there. She says chiragh what are you hiding from me? He says nothing. She says good boys don’t like. He says ice cream. Shanya says ice cream is not allowed in school. But I will allow you because I know for whom are you bringing this from? He runs inside.

Everyone does the pooja. Manjila gives shanay jewelry. Everyone prays. Manjila says I hope he is like chiragh. Vidya recalls the devil in chiragh. She says no. The child shouldn’t be like chiragh at all. Everyone is dazed.


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