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Kuldeepak 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kuldeepak 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Vidya recalls everything chiragh did. Manjila says why did you say that? Shanaya says dropping of arti is not right. We got the good news today. Manjila says don’t think that shanaya. Alpesh says calm down. Vidya says I am sorry. You all know chiragh faced so many troubles. I don’t want the new baby to face those problems. So I just prayed for that. I was praying for a baby. Shanaya says I am sorry I got you wrong. Vidya says no I should apologize. Manjila says its time to celebrate. I want to see you all smiling.

Scene 2
Teacher is teaching the students. Bulbul says I hate maths. This teacher is so strict. She gave so much work. Chiragh says Kamiya mam is so nice. They all copy the sums. Chirah says bulbul you are bored right. See we will have fun now. He shakes his cube.The teacher screams. she sees a cockroach. All the kids are scared too. There is a mess. Chiragh and bulbul laugh. She says how you did this. She hugs him.

Diwan comes to pick chiragh. He says guess whats in my pocket? Chiragh says I give up. chiragh says its a chocolate. Chiragh says do you have another one? Chiragh says yes but for whom? Chiragh says there is someone. I am coming. He gives the chocolate to Kamiya. He says papa this kamiya ma’am. she is my fav teacher. Diwan says I am impressed. He is your fan. Kamiya says I know about you. You are the collector of this city. He says how you became his fav? SHe says I am a psychiatrist. so i understand kids and their mind very well. I met your wife too. She had to go home. She didn’t want to leave him alone. He says she is worried about him. Kamiya says all moms are worried. But kids need freedom too. We should let them fly on their own. Diwan says I understand.

Scene 3
Chiragh says ba tell me what is the surpise. Manjila says a new baby is coming to our house. Chiragh says can I play with him? Manjila says yes. You have to wait for another few months. Then your shanaya aunt will bring you a new friend. Chiragh says yay we will have so much have. Diwan congratulates them. Diwan says Alpesh start getting training from me. Vidya says congratulations shanaya.

Everyone celebrates and dances. He gives a rose to Shanaya. Vidya and Manjila dance too. They all dance around Shanaya. Everyone is really happy. Shanay dances with them too.
Diwan says chiragh you are big boy now. Someone will call you big brother. Chiragh says shanaya will you bring a sister or brother? Manjila says don’t be confused. Close your eyes and tell us what you see? Boy or girl? Pick one of these male or female toys. Chiragh closes his eyes. Chiragh says no one. Vidya says what are you saying churagh. Manjila says just tell su what you want? Chiragh says I want a sister.

Scene 3
At night, Vidya picks her camera. She hides it. Chiragh comes and says I will play with my baby sister all the time. I will give her all my toys. Winds blow. Chiragh looks outside. He says I should help mummy. Vidya goes outside. He places clothes in her closet. Chiragh picks the camera. He plays the recording. Vidya is coming back to room. Lights are sparking. Vidya sees someone.
Diwan comes in the room and sees chiragh has the camera. He says what are you seeing? your dance? Vidya comes in and sees the camera. Diwan says show me. He takes the camera.


Kuldeepak 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Chiragh is cycling. Shanaya says your mummy asked you to keep cycle outside. You are so stubborn.

Shanaya screams