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Kuldeepak 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kuldeepak 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Vidya says chiragh give me the camera. She takes it from him. Vidya says lets click pictures. She takes pictures of chiragh with diwan. Vidya says sleep now. Diwan takes him to room. VIdya locks the camera.

Next morning chiragh is on his cycle. Winds blow. Vidya looks at him. The trees shake. Vidya remembers the first time she saw chirah talking to a tree. Vidya says chiragh.. He looks at her with red eyes and then smiles. He says there is a cute butterfly on the tree. Vidya says she would have gone to school. Chiragh says butterfly doesn’t go to school. Vidya says but you do. Get ready. He goes in. Manjila says to vidya please stay home today. I want you to make something for shanaya.

Alpesh hugs shanaya. He says I know its not easy to give up on your dreams. But the same dream is being given up for a better bigger dream. She smiles. Shanaya says I have to cancel this contract. If i don’t they can sue me. So I think I should go to their office. He says I will come with you. She says no. Alpesh says what if someone asks where you are? She says tell them I am in hospital.

Scene 2
Diwan drops Chiragh school. He says your mom was worried. Please be careful in school. He says bye papa. Chiragh falls down. Kamiya holds him. Diwan says thank you. Kamiay says are you okay? Chiragh says it doesn’t hurt much. Diwan hugs him. Kamiya says you are brave. She says come to staff room. Diwan and Chiragh go with her. SHe applies band aid on his bruise. Diwan gets a call from Vidya. He says I can’t pick up and tell her. She will be really worried.
Vidya says why is diwan not picking up my call. Kamiya sends diwan to class room.
Diwan says thanks for the help. You handle him really well. She says I know kids. Diwan says as parents we are always worried. Kamiya says we are here to help you with that. Would you like a coffee? He says I have a meeting.

Vidya says why is diwan not picking up my call. Kamiya brings the coffee. She says Vidya is really worried for chiragh all the time. we are all attached to him. Kamiya says when we care too much it builds a wall and suffocates. We shouldn’t always be stuck to our child. We should give them freedom. We should let them choose their own way.

Shiela says to Manjila everything is ready. Manjila says you two have to make her eat all this. She asks alpesh where is shanaya? He says she isn’t home. Alpesh says she went to hospital for checkup. Manjila says why didn’t you go with her? You would have asked us. Alepsh says she will be back.
Later Vidya asks alpesh you lied to mom? he says no. Vidya says I know about her contract. She went there? Alpesh says yes she has gone their to cancel it. I couldn’t tell ba. Vidya says shanaya did right. She is a good wife I am sure she will be a good mom too.

Diwan calls vidya. She says I had been calling you. Diwan says I was really busy in office. I got late chiragh had a bruise. Vidya says what? Is he okay? Bring him home. He says its a scratch. He if fine. Kamiya gave him med. Vidya says you are lying. Diwan says chiragh is here talk to him. Chiragh says mummy I am fine. its just a scratch. Kamiya mam did my bandage and called me brave.
Everyone is waiting for shanaya. she comes home. Alpesh says what did doctor say? Manjila says where were you? We were so worried for you. Shanaya says my battery died. I had to wait so long. Shiela says is everything okay? Shanaya says yes all is well.

Diwan and Chiragh come home too. Chiragh is running cycle in house. He comes in shanaya’s way. Shanaya says be careful. What if I fell? Vidya says chriagh take cycle to your room. Chiragh comes after shanaya in corridor. Shanaya says your mom asked you to take it to room You are so stubborn. He looks at her angrily. She walks. Chiragh moves the cycle towards her. Shanaya screams. She falls down. Shanaya is crying. Everyone comes there.


Kuldeepak 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Everyone asks what happened? Shanaya points at chiragh. She says he hit me with cycle.Everyone is dazed.