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Kuldeepak 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kuldeepak 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Everyone runs upstairs. They see shanaya on floor crying and screaming. Sheila says did you fall due to heal? She points and shanaya. SHe says chiragh hit me with his cycle. Everyone is dazed. She says I asked him not to ride his cycle here and he hit me. Diwan says why you did this? Look at her. Chiragh says I didn’t do it intentionally. Vidya says he might not have done deliberately. Alpesh says don’t take his side all the time. Shanaya says even if I die you won’t agree. No one blames him for anything. I might even lose my child. Manjila says take her hospital. Shanaya says no one else should come with me. Only alpesh will take me. He picks her up.

Diwan looks angrily at chiragh. He locks himself in the door. diwan says open the door. Chiragh says I didn’t do it. Diwan says open the door. vidya says leave the door. He will speak truth when he is calm. Diwan says he had done so much in anger before. This time he has crossed all the limits. What if something happens to her child?
Everyone is worried.

Shanaya and Alpesh come home. They all ask her what did doctor say? Are you okay? Vidya says is there something to worry about? Manjila says is the baby okay? She is silent. Shanaya cries. SHe says he has taken my everything from me. She points at Chiragh and says he is a murderer. He has taken my child from me. Everyone is dazed. Shanaya is crying. Alpesh says its a miss carriage. Shanaya says he took my child from me. He is a killer. Diwan says to chiragh you saw what happened. Why you hit her? Chiragh says I didn’t do anything. She came in front of cycle. Shanaya says don’t lie. You are a liar. You killed my baby. Vidya says please calm down. I am sorry. Please forgive me. She is crying. VIdya says I will punish your sinner. Chiragh why you did this. Chiragh says I didn’t hit her. She came in front of the cycle. She is lying. Shanaya says he kills and calls other liars. You always took his side. take his side this time too. This is all because of your wrong up bringing. He is a killer. Your son is a killer. I will never forgive you and your son.

Vidya goes to chiragh’s room. He is sitting there. Vidya says get up. Why you came here? Because you had no answer. You had failed my motherhood. Chiragh breaks toys and says I didn’t do anything. I told you so many times. No one listens to me. He sits and cries. He says I didn’t do anything. Vidya says in heart maybe thats the truth. How will I decide whats right.
Vidya cries in front of idol. she says please help me see the truth. I would punish chriagh myself. Chiragh has those powers taking over him. He doesn’t realize that himself. I can’t ignore what happened with shanaya. Why is this happening. I thought I would defeat his dark side. But the devil won. My son is being called a murderer. I don’t know what to do. Please show me the right way. She sits there crying.
Vidya sees her childhood in dreams. She used to go to temples.

Scene 2
Vidya wakes up next morning. She says it was such a nice dream. Where is that temple?
A little girl comes to a temple. An idol vendor’s cart gets stuck in mud. The idol is falling down. She holds it. The man thanks her. She says I am Vashnavi. I save things. Come kaka lets take out this cart. They pull the cart. They take out his cart from the mud. The man says you can do wonders.


Kuldeepak 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vidya says to shanaya I know you are mad at me. I think you have some misunderstanding. Shanaya says what do you want to say?That I killed my child myself? Don’t come to me to take side of your killer son.