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Kuldeepak 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Kuldeepak 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Diwam says to Vidya he won’t come inside unless you bring him. Alpesh says kids do that. Diwan was very stubborn too. Diwan says he is hungry. He wont eat until you make him. Vidya comes outside. Chiragh is not there. she says chiragh where are you? He is nowhere. Diwana and alpesh come too. The gate is open. Diwan says I saw him here 10 minutes ago. He says said he will eat if mummy brings it. Vidya says but where is he? diwan says he really loves you. He won’t ever leave you. Go make him something I will bring him inside. Diwam takes Vidya inside. He looks at Chiragh’s toys.

Shishu brings chiragh to yashodin’s place. He says did you tell manjila? I told you someone from family has to be here. Manjila trust us. Shishu says I found chiragh near the gate. Chiragh saw the toy and came towards me. I left the toy there. Yashodin says what did you do.

Bhagat says chirgah is nowhere in the house. Alpesh says he isn’t in neighborhood. Diwan says don’t worry vidya we will find him. Vidya sees the toy. A woman comes and says to Vidya you son has beaten my child. He is hospitalized. Vidya says chiragh has not beaten him. She says then the school people lied? Your son has done this to my child. If he doesn’t open eyes I will get you all arrested along with that son of yours. Diwan says it can be yash’ mistake too. Chiragh is missing and we are sure you did that. sHe says so you sent your son from here before we could do something? Diwan says you can threaten us like this. I can have you arrested for this. Yash’s mom says first your son injured my son and you say this. Diwan says this is the last warning please go from my house. She says okay I am going but we won’t sit quite. I will see you all. They leave. Vidya looks at the toy and says this is not chirag’s. Diwan says I found it in the compound. Shanya says that means someone kidnapped him?
Vidya says someone sent this toy to kidnap this.

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Diwan says yashodin did this. This time I will monitor this operation myself. I will bring chiragh home. He leaves.
Yashodin is doing his pooja.
Yashodin says we have to call manjila here. he calls manjila and says please come. Manjila says I am very scared. Manjila says will he be okay after that? Yashodin says please come. Manjila says I am coming. Yashodin gives her the address she notices down. Vidya comes inside. She says are you hiding something ma? Manjila says no. Vidya says if you didn’t say all this about chiragh he would be here with us. My child is gone. Manjial says please don’t worry. I am sure he is good. Vidya says how can you be so sure? Manjila says my heart is saying that. She leaves.

Vidya checks her phone. She calls the last dialed number. Yashodin’s phone rings. He says manjila is calling? shishu picks the phone manjila takes her phoen back from Vidya. She leaves.
Vidya says there is something she is hidign. she traces on her notpad. Vidya sees the address.

Shishu says he looks so innocent. Yashodin says there is a devil inside him. Dai did all this. If we do this pooja that devil will die. Chiragh wakes up. He says where am I? I wanna go home. He can’t come out of the circle.
Yashodin says you will go home as a better human. Manjila is on her way. Viday is following her. Chiragh coughs and says please I wanna go home. Mummy save me.


Kuldeepak 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :The pooja starts. They pour some powder on chiragh. He screams. Vidya is outside looking for him. Yashodin says when this oil ends the devil inside him would end too.

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