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Kuldeepak 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Kuldeepak 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Diwan sees Vidya’s car on the way. He shouts and looks for her everywhere. He walks in the street. Vidya sees a trishun and picks it up. She tries to break the door with it.
Chiragh shouts you are hurting me. Vidya tries to break the door. Yashodin continues his pooja. Chiragh says enough. Yashodin says tell you truth. Chiragh says it was dark that night and.. Vidya comes with trishun and says stop. Yashodin says let me pooja end. His devil will die. Vidya says shut up. Don’t come between my child and me. Or I will kill everyone. She goes inside and picks chiragh. She says even God can’t separate a child from his mom. Manjila says please in while he will accept he is devil. Chiragh smiles. Vidya says enough of all this. My child is not a devil. He is my child. She walks chiragh out of there. Vidya leaves.

Manjila says what will we do now. Yashodin says in Kalyug devil wins and today too he won. If Vidya had waited a few days that devil would have ended. But she is a mother. She can’t see all this. That devil knows all our tricks now. Controlling him is not very easy now.

Viday and Diwan are running. He says mummy stop. Can we stop. I can’t breathe. I got really tired. Vidya says I am so sorry. I was so scared. I know you can’t run that fast. She makes him sit. Dai comes and says thank God you are fine. Vidya bhabhi I don’t get why manjila is doing this to her grandson. I know that she is your mother in law but who does this to a child. Vidya says I ca’t say anythin. She hugs him and says he is getting out of hands. We have to kill this yashodin. Vidya and chiragh leave.

Yashodin says we lost again. Manjila says I won’t let him harm my family.
Vidya is running with chiragh. Manjila comes in her way. She says you are so blind you can’t see a devil. Because of you a devil is free. Vidya says how can you say that about my child. You tortured him. Manjila says he is a devil. When you see the truth you will realize how right I was. Vidya says he is my blodd. Manjila says he is a devil. He will destroy everything. Vidya says enough. I won’t believe you ever. I will never forgive you.


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Diwan comes there. He says how can you shout at ba? Chiragh hugs him. Diwan says where did you go? Vidya says yashodin kidnapped him. I don’t know what he was doing on our child. Diwan says how dare he. Vidya says he wasn’t alone. Manjila was there. She asked him to do all this. Diwan says are you mad? she says no this is truth. I wont stay silent anymore. I won’t tolerate this anymore. I had respect for her and this is how she returned? She tortured my child.

They locked me in a room so I can’t save him. Diwan says how can you stoop this low Ba? They leave.

Diwan and chiragh enter home. Paresh hugs him and says are you okay? Where did you go? Diwansays ba will give you answer. Ask her what exactly happened.


Kuldeepak 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Paresh says I don’t know how to fix things.
Vidya says this is only possible when ma removes all her doubts. We will do a havan in this house. If churagh sits in it he will prove he is not a devil.

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