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Kuldeepak 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update


Kuldeepak 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Vidya says to Diwan that old fish isn’t in the tank. Diwan says where did it go? Chiragh burps and says I ate it. Diwan says what joke is this? Where is the fish? Chiragh says I ate it. Do you want me to eat it again? He goes towards the tank. Vidya says what have you done? You ate a live animal? No one eats non veg here? Diwan says who taught you all this? Answer me. Are you a beast? Chiragh starts crying. Vidya hugs him. She says you did something very wrong. You killed an animal. We are not allowed to eat non veg. Understand your mistake and apologize ma. Diwan says no Vidya. Ma shouldn’t know. There would be so much mess in the house. Don’t tell anyone anything. Vidya says its not about that. Chiragh should know what it is. Do you want Chiragh to do another mistake and we will hide that too? We have to bring him up right. Chiragh says sorry mummy. Sorry papa. I will apologize ba too. Vidya says good boy. Go and brush. Then we will go downstairs.
Vidya says Diwan you always walked on the right path. Let him be like you as well. Diwan says I understand. Vidya says we all have to be strong. Dai is overhearing all this. She says no matter what you try he is our devil. Nothing can change him.

Everyone is on table. Chiragh comes downstairs and hugs Manjila. Shanaya says I think he has done something that is why he is buttering. Chiragh says I didn’t do anything just that I ate a fish from fish tank. Everyone is shocked. Manjila says what do you mean? Paresh says don’t do this joke. Chiragh says I am not joking. I ate a fish from fish tank. Manjila says what is this. Stay away from all of us. Chiragh says I was hungry so I ate it. Sorry. Manjila says where are you parents? manjila says we are all doomed. Diwan comes Vidya says what is chiragh saying. FDiwan says he made a mistake. Manjila says he ate a fish and you call that mistake?
I told you all not to keep the tank here. where did this evilness came in him? And he touched me. Chiragh says but I brushed. Manjila says that doesn’t clean your sins. You killed an animal.
Diwan says please listen. Manjila says I don’t wanna listen to anyone. She goes upstairs in anger.
Shanya says that’s enough of spoiling. He is a child that doesn’t mean he can do whatever he wants. Shiela says Vidya please handle Chiragh. He is our child. He will take care of our legacy. Everyone goes to their rooms. Paresh says diwan this is enough. You always made fun of everything calling it superstition. See the outcome. you have bring back the peace of this house. Teach your son what this house is and what are the rules here. He leaves as well. Diwan and Vidya are standing in stress. Chiragh says sorry mummy sorry papa. I said sorry to everyone. Diwan leaves.

Scene 2
Dai comes to Chiragh and says you have entered this house. You had to eat some meat in this house. No matter what they do they can’t control you.
Paresh asks Manjila to calm down. Manjila says this is not childish. Is he a beast? Paresh says he is a child. They do these things. We can teach him and he will understand. Manjila says I will take him to temple tomorrow. Paresh says diwan won’t like that. Manjila says still I will take him there. He has to be pure again. The chiragh we expect light from will burn our house.

Manjila comes to temple and says please forgive us God.
Vidya comes to Manjila and says I am sorry on Chiragh’s behalf. Manjila says my soul is shaken. What Chiragh did is your unsuccessful. Ever since he came from jungle he has changed. I feel scared. Vidya says I am scared too. We are going to psychiatrist. Manjila says doctor can’t do this. Diwan comes and touches her feet. He says give me the parsad. He says you know ba.. Please forgive us. Manjila says stay happy. They leave. Manjila says in heart I won’t let you become like you Diwan. I will take Chiragh to the temple even if you don’t let me.

Chiragh is playing in his room. Manjila comes there. Chiragh says you are hurt because of me? I am sorry. Manjila says will you come with me? Chiragh says where? Manjila says to a very pretty place. Like those in your story books. There is everything. I am going to take you where you can get what you pray for. Will you come? Chiraggh says yes lets go. Manjila says my good boy. Lets go.

Scene 3
Diwan and Vidya are on their way. Diwan says don’t worry. Chiragh will be fine. Dr. Mehra is a great doctor. vidya says why did he eat the fish? We never talked like that in front of him ever. Dr. Mehta calls diwan and says something. Diwan says okay no problem. He says doctor has to go for an emergency. We will go to hospital and check Yashodin. Vidya says I should go home and stay with Chiragh. I want to know where did this thought come in chiragh’s mind.

Manjila and Chiragh are on their way. Chiragh says what is the name of that place? Please tell me. Manjila says thats the surprise. Chiraghh says is it some mall or park? Manjila says no.
Vidya asks Sheila where is chiragh? Shiela says he went to the temple with ma. Vidya says but ma knows he doesn’t like going to temple. He will do something there and then everyone will be mad at him.
Vidya goes after them in another car.
Manjila and Chiragh reach. They come out. They hear the bells. Chiragh says lets go home. I am very scared. Manjila says lets go there first you will like it. Chiragh says no lets go home first. Manjila says for two minutes. Chiragh says why didn’t you tell me we are going to temple. I won’t go there. Manjila tries to stop him. He shoves Manjila and bites her hand. Chiragh runs. Manjila runs after him and catches him. Chiragh beats her and pulls her hair. She runs after him and falls. Chiragh runs in the jungle. Manjial is looking for him. Chiragh floats in the air. Manjila is dazed. he laughs. He comes back on ground. Manjila is shocked.


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