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Kuldeepak 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Kuldeepak 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Diwan says to Vodya I can’t changge my decision. Give me one good reason why can’t we send him. I have many reasons why I am sending him there. He won’t live in house. Chieragh says no I won’t go. He is crying. Chiragh comes to manjila an saysI don’t wanna go to boarding school. Paresh says who is sending you? Diwan says I am. He will study in boarding school. My derision is final.
Chiragh says ba dada ji please stop me. I will do everything you say.

Shanaya says on call sir I won’t be able to come. It will be difficult. There are family problems. Please I can’t come. Vidya comes there. Shanaya turns back and sees her. She says I will call you later.

Chiragh is crying. He calls kamiya. Kamioya says what happened? he says papa is sending me to boarding school. I punished shanaya for lying by blackening her face. Now papa is sending me to boarding school. Kamiya says I am coming. I will talk to your dad.You won’t go anywhere.

Kamiya comes home. Diwan welcomes her in. Kamiya says I know you both are shocked to see me. You people are sending chiragh to boarding school?Diwan says how you know? Kamiya says he called me. He was crying and saying he doesn’t want to go. Diwan says I have given my thoughts to this decision. Kamiya says this can very harsh on his heart. He is very upset. Diwan says medicines are bitter. Kamoya says it will not leave a good impact on him.And what about vidya? can you both live away from him? Kids are plants and family is the soil. You can’t send him away from home. Diwan says it is necessary for him to learn discipline. She says he will forget the love of family though. I have handled worse cases. Just give me a chance I will change chiragh. Diwan says I can’t change my decision.

Scene 2
At night, shanaya is asleep. She hears a child crying. shanya says child crying? Where is this coming from? Someone enters her room. Shanaya says who is there? She comes out,chiragh is there in corridor. He shakes his cube. Shanaya sees a cot and a baby crying Chirah is hidden. She goes near the cot. there is blood in it. A child says mom you are a killer. You killed me. She screams and runs in the hall. She still hears the child crying. Shanaya cries who is here. Vidya and everyone come. They are all shocked to see her like that. Alpesh says calm down no one is here. We are all family. Shanaya says I didn’t kill my child. I didn’t kill my child. She is crying. Alpesh hugs her. She is crying, Chiragh comes downstairs.


Kuldeepak 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vidya asks Chiragh you did all this? He says yes. So she is scared and says truth that I didn’t kill her child. Vidya finds abortion report in shanaya’s room.

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