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Kuldeepak 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update


Kuldeepak 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Manjila says what happened. Why were you so scared and talking like that? SHe says I was scared. She recalls everything. Shanaya says I was scared in sleep and fell from bed. Ever since I lost my child I have been seeing dreams like these. Vidya wonders. She comes to chiragh.
Vidya says to chiragh you did that with her right? She says yes i did. To teach her a lesson. She is a liar. I want her to accept her mistake. I didn’t kill her child? Vidya says what happened that day? He says I was on my cycle. He tells her everything. Vidya says everyone will know your truth. I am with you. He hugs her.

Vashnavi is preparing to leave. Shanti says prepare as much as you want. But you will stay here in this village. She says I will miss you grandpa. Please take care of yourself. He cough. She gives him his pump.

Vidya comes to shanya’s room. She looks for a proof. She sees an abortion report. Vidya is dazed. She taks the report with her.

Scene 2
Shanti puts oil on the floor. Vashnavi says ma why is there no oil in temple? Shanti says go to kitchen. SHe walks on the oil and slips. Bapu ji says who spilled this oil here? shanit says are you okay?

Vidya reads the report clearly. Its just prescription. She says I should call hospital I will know the details. Vidya talks there as shanaya.
Vidya comes home from somewhere. Shiela says where did you go? She says for an important work. Vidya says shanaya how are you? She says I am fine. Vidya says I told Dr. Desai the same. I met him on market. He said there is some fees due on you. Shanaya says what fees? Vidya says I don’t know all that.
Vidya says you went to visit the hospital twice. Maybe somewhere you left your dues. Alpesh says what are you trying to say.
Diwan says what is it Vidya? She says nothing. There will be a lot of secrets revealed soon. Shanaya says enough. What are you trying to say.

Vidya says everyone knows you went to doctor twice. But no one knows first time you didn’t go to the doctor at all. Shanaya says I didn’t go anywhere else. Vidya says I didn’t complete my sentence. She said she went to cancel the contract but she didn’t. Truth is that after two weeks she have to do a walk in a fashion show. You thought for the child she left her dream. For her dreams she killed her own child. Shanaya says what are you saying. Everyone is dazed. Vidya says chiragh told me what happened with her exactly. She slipped herself when he came there. You pretended all that and blamed my son. Don’t say that I am lying because I have proofs.

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