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Kuldeepak 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kuldeepak 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Vidya wakes up at 3 in the morning. CHiragh wakes up. His eyes are red. Shanaya wakes up and she is scared. She says where is aplesh? Where has he gone. She comes in corridor chiragh follows her.
Shanaya doesn’t have network in her phone. She comes to hall to call him. Chiragh comes towards her. She turns back. He isn’t there. Diwan wakes up to get water. He feels like someone is there. He says who is there? Kamiya says you didn’t sleep? I am not sleepy either. He says no I came to get water. I heard something. Did you too? She says no. Diwan leaves. Kamoya looks at chiragh floating above with roof and smiles at him. She says you could have fell. He says no I am very powerful. She says so am I. He says not more than me. She says let compete. Chiragh floats things.

She says I was around you ays a shadow with those shoes but you couldn’t recognize me. She says I am here to help you. So you get to do what you are on this land. We are the black powers. Nothing is more powerful than us. They both laugh.

Vidya wakes up. Its morning. She says I didn’t wake up? The clock stopped. She runs to his room. Chiragh is asleep there. She hugs him. Chirgah says is kamoya mam gone? Vidya says no she is here. Chiragh says we had fun last night. Vidya says get ready for school.
Kamiya says to Diwan you both shouldn’t be over protective about chiragh. you trust me enough to care for him. Give him freedom. Vidya says so we shouldn’t care for him? Kamiya says being in school with him is not care. Vidya says I know him more. Diwna says she has a point. We shouldn’t be overprotective. you see this as a mother and Kmaiya sees this a psychiatrist. I will go drop him school. Vidya says I will. Diwna says no I will and that is final.

Scene 2
Shanaya says to ALesph do breakfast. He leaves. She says don’t ignore me like this. Please forgive me. you are my one and only., She is crying. Alpesh leaves. She cries.

Vash says to her dad my new school is big right? he says yes. She says why are you upset? He says school is big and so is the fees. She says I can go to another smaller school. he says no we will try for this one.

Chiragh comes to school. Kamiya says to chiragh I am here to help you. you can do anything. He tongue comes in her mouth. Vash comes to school. Kamiya’s hair blow. She says why I feel this way? She looks at Vash.
He says how will I talk to principal? Vash says you can. He goes inside. Vash waits outside. Bulbul comes to class. Chiragh says you look pretty today. Why are you not wearing uniform? She holds his ear and says its my birthday. You forgot. He says sorry. They all wish her happy birthday. chiragh says don’t be mad. SHe says where is my rose? He says i wil bring you. Chiragh plucks a rose from garden. Vash says don’t pluck it. he says who are you to tell me that? I will teach you a lesson. He looks in her eyes but it doesn’t affect her.


Kuldeepak 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vash’s dad says to principal Vash is very good.Chiragh says who are you to stop me? He picks a pot to hit her with.