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Kuldeepak 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Kuldeepak 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update, Written Update of Kuldeepak 23rd May 2017 on

Scene 1
Vidya sees the idol and says who put the idol here? And this way? Manjila says vidya where are you chiragh is getting late for school? Vidya goes outside.
Vidya and Diwan drops Chiragh to school. Chiragh says I look dashing in goggles. Vidya says you remember your promise right? He says yes not to be angry or fight. She kisses him. Chiragh says mummy you kiss anywhere. i am grown up now Diwan oh you are grown up. Bulbul comes and hugs him. she says where were you? i was really missing you. My mom thought I was not well. Mom called a doctor. What could the doctor do? Chiragh says thats my dad. She says oh sorry Hi uncle. Diwan says go with bulbul chiragh. Bulbul says don’t worry. I am here to take care of him.

Diwan says see your daughter in law. Vidya laughs.
Churagh hears dai’s whisper. Bulbul says where are you looking? He says you go in class I will come later. She says come fast.

Diwan says I am so late for my meeting. Vidya says stop the car. Chuiragh forgot the water bottle in car. He says you go and take it to school. She says yes you go to your meeting.

Dai meet chiragh in school. She says to Chiragh we have to take revenge from that yashodin. We have to teach him a lesson. Vidya is on her way back to school. Dai says today is dark night. Our powers are strong. We can kill that yashodin today. We should miss this day.
Vidya comes to class. Teacher says chiragh didn’t come to school today. She says no chiraggh didn’t come to school. Vidya says I dropped him myself. HOw is that possible. Vidya runs out.

Scene 2
yashoduin is praying in temple. Winds blow and all his papers spread here and there. He tries to pick them. Dai and chiragh come. She says today you will have to pay for messing with my lord. Today you will be punished for what you did. Today will be your last day. Yashodin says truth always wins. Chiragh comes too. yashodin shows them his book and they both fall. dai says attack him lord. Chiragh attacks yashodin. His book fall.s Chiragh injured yashodin. Vidya is on her way. She is looking for chiragh.

Yashodin picks his book again. Chiragh and dai fall down. Chiragh says dai ma save me. Vidya hears chiragh’s voice. Chiragh says stop all this yashodin. Yashodin reads his mantra. Dai throws some sees on him. Yashodin falls down. Dai says you can’t control our powers today. We will kill you. Churagh stands up. Dai says kill him lord. Vidya comes there. Chiragh says you have to die yashodin. You have die. Vidya is dazed. Chiragh says today no one can save you. vidya is shocked. She drops her bag. Chiragh moves his hand and yashodin floats. Vidya sees all this. She is dazed.

Churagh says you thought I am a stupid child that you can control? You saw my powers? now you know who I am? You can’t save yourself.
yashodin says you are not evil. this woman made you that. You are your family’s son. She is making you do all this. Dai says don’t listen to lord. Kill him.
Yashodin says recall your mom’s promise. Chiragh laughs. He says you are so scared yashodin. You have created so much troubles for me. I was scared you will expose me. You could never succeed. But before you try that more you have to die. You will pay for what you did. Vidya shouts chiragh.. Dai looks at her. vidya says chiragh what are you doing. What is all this.


Kuldeepak 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Dai says Churagh is not your son. I killed him when he was born. Vidya says chiragh is my son and will always be. Dai says kill her too chiragh. Chiragh moves towards vidya.

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