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Kuldeepak 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Kuldeepak 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update , Written Update of Kuldeepak 24th May 2017 on

Scene 1
Vidya says stop all this chiragh. Don’t do this. Dai says no chiragh kill him. He made you go through so much trouble. Vidya says chiragh I am your mom. Please don’t do this. I kept you in my womb for 9 months. Dai says don’t listen to her. Kill him. Vidya says please chiragh if you consider me your mom please don’t do this. Churagh throttles yashodin more. Vidya says please stop. Dai says kill. These relationships mean nothing to us. Viday says enough chiragh. Leave him. Chiragh doesn’t leave him. Vidya says I love you mummy. I know you really love me. you can’t live without me. Come to me chiragh. You can’t do anything wrong. Dai says kill him. Vidya says say I love you mummy. Chiragh looks at vidya. Dai shoves her. Chiragh hugs vidya and picks her up. He says mummy are you okay? Yashodin smiles. His heart aches. Dai stabs him from a big knife. Vidya says what did you do.. Yashodin is taking his last breaths. She says I am so sorry. Yashodin says you are a mother. No mother could believe this. I regret that today evil won. Vidya says I promise you I won’t let this happen. Vidya says is my churagh really? He says yes. There is a devil mark on his scalp. Sorry I couldn’t help you. Vidya you did so much. I won’t let anything happen to you. Can I save him? yashodin tells her something. He takes our red bundle and gives it to her. He says read the mantra I told you. It will help you. There is a small trishun in the pouch. Yasshodin dies. Vidya is dazed.

Dai is taking Chiragh with her. Vidya says stop. Chiragh will you leave your mom alone? Answer me. I am the mother who gave birth to you. You have no relationship with her. I brought you in this world. Dai laughs. she says your tears don’t affect him. Vidya says he has a bond with his mom that you can’t break. Dai says he isn’t your son. Don’t be so dazed. Chiragh isn’t your son. I killed him when he was born. I killed your son and gave him my lord’s soul. Vidya says I don’t believe all this. Chiragh is my son and will always be. Dai says you better stay away from chiragh. Vidya says I and my husband gave you a shelter and you played with us. Dai says you did what my lord made you do. We have to achieve our mission?

Vidya says what mission? Making my son a devil? Dai says my lord has waited for ages. Now he has this chance. Vidya says what are you saying. Dai says chiragh is your son but he has soul of my lord. Vidya is dazed. In 100 years there is one dark night. That night we get great powers. My lord waited for years. His body was getting old. He needed a new body. I gave him body of your son. Now I have to wait for him to turn 21. That will be on another dark night. That night I will do a ritual after that chiaragh will become the most dangerous man on earth. He will destroy everything good. This is reality of chiragh. Vidya is shocked. Dai says he is my chiragh. Once someone knows this reality they can’t stay alive. Now its your turn.

Dai says chiragh kill her. Chiragh moves towards vidya. Vidya says yes kill me chiragh. If you really want to then kill me. I know I have faith that you won’t be able to do that. I gave you love of a mother and nothing is stronger than that. Dai says kill her. Vidya says yes kill the mom you fed you. The mom who made you sleep every night. He moves towards vidya. Vidya says yes kill your mom. Chiragh recalls his moments with Vidya. He recalls when she saved him. Chiragh faints and falls on the floor. Vidya says chiragh. Dai shoves her. SHe says chiragh isn’t your son. She takes our knife and says I will kill you. Vidya says I won’t leave my son. Dai says go from here or I will kill you.
Vidya recalls what yashpdon told her. She shows that small trishun to dai. Dai laughs and says you think it can do anything? Vidya reads the mantra. She falls down. Dai laughs. She is about to stab Vidya. Dai’s hand freezes because there is a temple nearby. The knife falls from her hand. Vidya says now you see how it feels? Dai says this is nothing. I can do anything for my lord. To kill you I don’t need any powers. I can kill you in a moment. Vidya says you don’t know a mother’s power. Dai throttles vidya. She says today I have to kill you. Vidya screams.


Kuldeepak 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Dai hits vidya and tries to strangle her.

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