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Kuldeepak 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Kuldeepak 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update, Written Update of Kuldeepak 25th May 2017 on

Scene 1
Dai hits Vidya. Vidya shoves her and dai falls down. Vidya slaps her. She beats her. Dai throttles her and says who will save you now? your God? She laughs. Suddenly dai falls down. She looks at the temple. Her body burns and she reduces in ashes. Vidya is dazed. Vidya says chiragh open your eyes. She picks him up. Chiragh opens his eyes and hugs her. Vidya recalls what yashodin said.

At night, Vidya comes home. No one is there. She says where is everyone? Why is it so dark? Did the devil harm my family. No. Chiragh says why is light off? Where is everyone? Vidya says I will check. Suddenly they blow party poppers. They say happy birthday. Diwan hugs her. Vidya says you all scared me. Manjila says don’t be scared. We just wanted to make her happy. I am responsible for all the tension in the house. I will bring them back. I want you all to forget what happened. Right vidya? Vidya nods. She is worried. Diwan looks at vidya and says why are you so worried? you look scared. She says nothing.

Vidya comes to her room and cries. She says ma was right and I never trusted her. She recalls yashdoin dying. Diwan comes in and asks why are you so worried? She says nothing. He says really? Look at me. He caresses her face. Diwan says your face shows something is troubling you. Don’t hide from me. She says i won’t hide from you. He says you are my wife. I can read your face. We need to tell each other everything. I remember when I was upset about ba. You stopped me from going away from my family. You promised me you will change ba’s heart. Today we are all together and happy its all because of you. I am so proud of you. She says diwan… He says sh. He hugs her.

Scene 2
Everyone is having meal. Manjila says come vidya sit with me. Mili and Bhagat come in fighting. Mili says he is saying that at 3 all the evil powers are alive. Vidya is dazed. Bhagat says I am not lying. There was a man in my village at 3 am a devil would come inside him. Manjila says shut up. No one would talk about all this. Vidya recalls everything. Manjila says don’t be scared. No one will ever doubt chiagh. Vidya says where is he? Manjila says he is asleep in his room. The idol you made is so pretty that I kept it in my room.

Vidya tries to sleep but she can’t. She recalls all the weird things that have been happening since chiragh was born. She recalls he ate a fish. She recalls chiragh killing yashon. Vidya wakes up. Vidya says I can’t see a way God. My son is not responsible for all this. Please save him. I don’t know what to do this. How can I believe all this? How can I give birth to a devil? Why my son has devil’s soul in him. I am so scared. If my son is devil then how he came in front of you in jagran. I think there is something. Give me answers. I will keep sitting here until I don’t have my answers. Vidya recalls manjila said she kept the idol in her room. Vidya comes to manjila’s room and sees that idol. She says this isn’t the one I made. But the chunri is mine. She sees there are cracks on the temple. It is made from stones. Vidya says this is a broken temple. She takes that out and compares it with the one she made. She realizes how chiragh danced in front of it. She says there was a cracked idol in jagran and that is why chiragh wasn’t scared. This means my son.. My faith was weak.

Kuldeepak 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vidya says to chiragh show me your head. He says no dai ma asked me not to let anyone touch my hair. Vidya says you will listen to her and not me. Chiragh bows his head. Vidya cuts his hand. She sees the symbol and is dazed.

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