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Kuldeepak 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Kuldeepak 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Chiragh is plucking flowers from the garden. Vash says what are you doing? Chiragh says who are you to ask me that? She says its written there you can’t pluck flowers from there. He says this is my school. I will do whatever I want. He comes near her and stares her. He shakes him cube but it doesn’t affect Vash at all. Vash says what are you trying to do? You can’t scare me at all. Chiragh’s cube is not working. She says I am vashnavi. He says you don’t know who I am. I am chiragh. She says whatever I will call you goti. He shoves her. She says Goti and shoves him again. He says you shoved me. She says if you pluck flowers I will slap you. He says who are you to stop me? He picks a pot.

Vidya is worried for chiragh. Chiragh can’t hit her with the pot. He locket blocks Chiragh’s hand. Bulbul comes and says chiragh why are you fighting with this cartoon? Who is she? Vash says why would he tell you. I asked him not to pluck flowers. Bubul says he came to take flowers for me. Who are you to stop him? Peon comes and say vash principal has called you.
Vash comes to room. She says My name is Vashnavi. I came to rajkot. I want admission in this school. My dadu didn’t come. He gave me this locket with Ambay ma.
Her dad says can she join this school? He says yes she can. He says but we don’t have enough fees. I promise you.. Bulbul comes in an says don’t give her admission? he hit chiragh. She is very bad. Principal says are you sure? Bulbul says I saw that she hurt chiragh. Vash says she is lying. I never did that. Principal comes an says I will check. Bulbul says see. Vash says I never hit him.
Principal asks chriragh did she hit you? He says yes. SHe was plucking flowers I asked her not to and she hit me with a pot. Vash says he is lying. He was plucking flowers. Her dad takes her from there. Principal says chiragh get your dressing done.

Scene 2
Shanaya comes to Vidya and says I am really embarrassed. i can’t face myself. I accused a child for my motives. I made a mistake please forgive me. No one is talking to me in the house. Alpesh doesn’t even see my face. If everyone does this how will I live? Please forgive me. Shiela please ask her to forgive me. Please forgive me after i die. Vidya says don’t talk about that. I am mad at you. Whatever happened, I forgot it.

Vash’s dad takes her out. Vash says he accused me. He says there are other schools we will get admission somewhere else. She says but he is lying. i never hit him. I want to see his bruise. She runs inside.
Kamiya asks chiragh about the girl. He says yes I showed principal fake bruise and her admission was cancelled. Vash comes there and says see I knew you were a liar. I never hit you. Kamiya suffocates. She says what is it about this girl that her presence annoys me. Vash takes chiragh with her. She says you will tell him you lied. Kamiya says why is his powers not working?

Bulbul calls Vidya. Vidya says give chiragh phone? Bulbul says he is not in class. He had a fight with a girl. Vidya rushes to the school.
Shanaya laughs and says just wait and watch vidya. See what I do with you. When you come back home you will see a blast.
Vash says to principal see there is no bruise on his leg. Principal says show me your leg. Vash says see there is no bruise. Kamiya does magic and the bruise is there. Principal says are you blind? His bruise is bleeding. What drama is this? Chiragh smiles and Kamiya.
Kanmiya says what is about this girl. She can be a danger for chiragh.
Chiragh says thanks kamiya. Why was my power not working in front of her? Kamiya says I wonder the same.
Vidya comes to school. She is worried. She collides with Vash and falls on the bench. Vash is dazed to see her and so is Vidya.

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