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Kuldeepak 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kuldeepak 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Vidya and Vash look at each other in shock. There is a wire with current. Vash has saved Vidya from it. She says to technician is this how you work? What if the wire had touched her. Her dad comes and says are you okay? The man says sorry. He asks vidya are you okay? Vidya says your daughter saved my life. What if your name? She says Vash. Vidya says beautiful name just like you. She says God protects me. Vash smiles at her and leaves.

Kamiya says to chiragh remember don’t tell anyone about your fight and kicking her out of school especially your mom. Vidya comes and says what are you teaching my son? this is your counselling? You are asking him ti hide mistakes. Kamiya says he is my student. Vidya says he is my son first. I can’t tolerate someone giving him wrong advises.

if you do that again I will talk to your principal. I will wait here for him and take him home with me.

Vash is sitting and recalls what happened in the school. Her dad comes and says don’t worry you will get admission somewhere. She says I am not sad. We will find another way. God has something decided for me I am sure. He says we will go to other school.

Scene 2
At prohit house, Mili and manjila feel some weird smell in the house. Manjila says its gas. She turns off all the stoves. She says you left these on? Manjila says shiela vidya who was here? Shanaya says I did not. Shiela says vidya was working here and then left for chiragh’s school. Manjila says this is too much. She can’t stay at school all day.
Diwan comes to school. Kamiya says your wife came to school. She took chiragh with her. She warned me to stay away from chiragh. Vidya thinkss so wrong of me. She doesn’t trust me with Chiragh. Diwan says I am sure she had some other meaning. Kamiya says I was just talking to chriagh and saying that he shouldn’t take his mistakes to his heart. Vidya didn’t like that. I am sorry. it is my birthday I thought I would celebrate it with chiragh. Diwan says happy birthday and I am very sorry. I will talk to Vidya. You will celebrate your birthday with chiragh.

Manjila says to chiragh what happened in your school that your mom had to rush to school. Chiragh says nothing happened. Manjila says you left the gas on. It could burn anyone. I beg you stop going to chiragh’s school.
Diwan comes in with Kamiya. he says vidya how can you be so careless? Kamiya says leaving gas on ois dangerous. She wont have done this deliberately. Thankfully everyone is safe. Chiragh says its kamiya madam and Bulbul’s birthday today. He sings happy birthday.
Diwan says to Vidya did you have an argument with kamiya? She has really helped us. Vidya says you don’t know what happened. Diwna says please don’t make an issue. Wish her its her birthday. She is our guest. Go wish her.
They bring a cake for kamiya. They all wish her. Vidya doesn’t eat the cake from kamiya’s hand. Kamiya and Chiragh dance with everyone. Vidya stands there angry.


Kuldeepak 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Chiragh says we didn’t give you birthday gift. She says i celebrated with you thats enough for me. Outside Kamiya says to diwan if vidya doesn’t like me coming here I will not come.He says don’t worry I will talk to her. She holds his hand and says promise.Vidya comes there.