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Kuldeepak 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update ( First Episode )


Scene 1
A child(Krish) is playing basketball. His mother(Sheila) is busy in doing pooja in mandir. Krisha comes near mandir, Sheila sees diya blowing off in aarti plate, Krish falls down from stairs, Sheila shouts Krish hearing his scream, aarti plate falls from her hand as Krish dies.

4 years later
Vidya is painting Maa’s idol, she smiles see Maa’s idol. She says tomorrow your palanquin will be set, i will take you to new mandir, they ask me how i make such nice idols but how to tell them that its not talent but my passion, how to tell them that i see Krishan when i sing bhajan, people says i create you but how can a daughter make her mother? you are Maa and i am going to be mother, i am pregnant and soon i will have baby, i just pray that the relation i have with you,

same relation i should have with this Kuldeepak(baby). Divan(Her husband) comes behind and says what about our relation? humans are emotional fool, they leave living beings and talk to stones that cant hear or speak. Vidya says i am not talking with stone but a would be mother is talking with her Maa, just see it from my eyes. Divan says i dont believe in these stones, Vidya says look at these idols at art exhibition, he says okay but i will not take off my shoes, she says no, he says then i dont want to see,she says you are stubborn, Divan says leave all this,i want to show you something he leaves. vidya says sorry Maa, he doesnt believe in you but i have firm belief in you which is enough for both of us, you are owner of whole universe.

A beast is running in forest away from some spirits.

Divan brings vidya in house and covers her eyes with cloth, she says what? he says surprise, he takes off her blindfold, Vidya sees babycot, she gets happy and elated seeing it, Divan is mesmerized seeing her smile, he cups her face and says i want to feel how you are feeling, vidya says you know what i am feeling right now, i cant explain in words, they dont have power to explain, you are best husband of world and you are going to be best father, she hugs him. Divan says i hope so, i want to become best papa, our baby is very lucky, after losing Krish, Sheila bhabhi had darkness in her life, baa and bapuji have emptiness too, but now our baby will bring happiness in this house, they both get emotional, Vidya says you were asking for my happiness but the happiness i am seeing in your eyes is more greater than mine, he nods and hugs her close.

Beast is running in jungle and says nobody can kill me, i wont face death, i am immortal. Voice from skies say that nobody can delay death and your death has been finalized, beast looks on.

Divan says to Vidya that i am tensed, that will everything be alright? Vidya says dont worry, everything will be fine and tomorrow i will take Devi Maa to mandir and take blessing from her. Divan says have you gone mad? you will go in this condition to village and take idol with you? Baba will take idol to mandir,if you dont listen to me and go there then.. Vidya looks at him and gets worried. Divan says i never came inbetween your God and you so your God shouldnt come inbetween me and my baby, your God is not in my life but you and our baby is in my life, infact you are my life, i am sorry but i cant take risk in these last cruicial days, you remember how many days are remaining in delivery?

Voice from sky says to beast that only 15days are remaining of your life, only 15days.

Divan says your delivery is in 15days, Vidya says i am counting days, i am waiting for one day that is 27th march.

Beast scream in forest that 27th March will be life or death.

Sheila looks at Krish’s photo and cries, she says you used to never live without your mother then why you left your mother? you gave us very little time.

Beast says i have very less time, i have to find him out. He does magic in river and says give me hint, he throws color in water and says give me hint. Water starts boiling and image of Vidya’s house is shown in water, beast smirks and says i found that house.

Alpesh is combing her wife’s hair, wife Shanaya says some peotry and says i am beautiful, her husband hugs her and says you are right, she says my baby.. they hear some noises in house and gets agitated. They come in lounge to see boy Bhagat and girl milli dancing. Baa asks what happened? Milli says there is going to be baby in house. Vidya smiles seeing thme dance. Bhagat says Alpesh will have to become horse for his would be nephew. Milli says Kareena will change diapers of baby as she is going be aunt. They see Sheila sadly looking on, Sheila starts to leave but Vidya sings and says i give designation of elder mother to Sheila. Sheila smiles. Bhagat throws ball at Vidya, Vidya tries to catch it and loses balance, she is about to fall down from stairs, she controls herself. Bapuji comes there and scolds Vidya for being careless, he asks Baa and Shanaya to bring her down, they bring her down. Bapuji says this is same stair from where Krish fell and died, we lost our heir and we cant lose it again. Bapu says to Sheila that you lost Krish and my son Rajesh left this worldly life and went to Haridwar. You know pain of losing son, you should take care of Vidya as our Krish is coming back,you have to take care of her, she nods. Bapu says to Shanaya that you are punjabi and we are Gujrati but love is same, Vidya is pregnant so you have to take care of her. Bapu says to Vidya that you are going to give future to this Purohit family, 27th march is your due date.

Beast says this Purohit house is my solution, 27th March is the date.

Baa says it should not be 27th March. Vidya asks why she is tened? Baa says baby should not be borned on 27th March, Vidya says why you are worried about that date? what is on 27th March.

Beast says 27th March is eclipse night, only 15days are remaining, he has to come then i will finish everything.

Vidya asks Baa whats on 27th March? Baa says nothing, you take rest. Baa thinks how to tell you that 27th March is very scary day.

Scene 2
At night, Divan hears window cracking, he wakes up and sees window open, he doesnt find vidya on bed. He sees she is not washroom too, he says where did she go at 4AM? He comes out of room and looks around, he doesnt see her anywhere but finds her working in kitchen, she turns and gets scared seeing him,she says you scared me, Divan says you could have woken me up for any work, Vidya says i should ask you to do this? he says why not? she says its woman’s work, you asked me to not go to mandir, i thought i could atleast cook parsad so our baby will have blessing of Maa. Divan says you just want hear yes from me, she innocently asks him if she can go? he nods and says but i have two conditions, she says anything is acceptable, Divan says first condition is you have take care of yourself and baby, she says i promise to take care of him more than i take care of you. Divan says second condition is that i will cook this parsad, she says you are going to make this parsad for Maa? he says no i will make it for would be mother of my baby.
In morning, Vidya comes to mandir in village with Maa’s idol, whole family is with her. vidya is happy to see all dancing and chanting for Maa. Beasts comes there and sees caravan of welcoming Maa. Vidya is slightly dancing too. Beast hides behind tree and says it must here only, he looks around and spots Vidya in caravan, he looks at her pregnant belly, his eyes become red as he does some magic on her womb. Vidya gets dazed. Beast says i found him. Baa makes Vidya sit and asks if she is fine?

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