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Kuldeepak 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kuldeepak 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Kamiya says I thought I would be alone on my birthday but you all made is special. Manjila says you can come here anytime you want. This is your house. She hugs her and says thank you so much. Chiragh says we didn’t give you gift. Kamiya says I could celebrate my birthday with you thats enough for me. She hugs chiragh.
Diwan sees off Kamiya. He says my driver will drop you off. She says you have done enough for me. Its not safe. Chiragh says kamiya ma’am please stay here tonight. Vidya says chiragh go inside. Don’t you wanna sleep. Chiragh says ask kamiya ma’am to stay. Vidya pulls his hand and says come inisde. Kamiya says vidya ji listen. she drags chiragh inside. Kamiya says to diwan I think she still is mad about what happened in the school. She doesn’t like me being here and celebrating with you all. Diwan says why are you thinking that. Kamiya says its visible. I don’t want any troubles in you guys because of me. He says don’t worry I will talk to her. She holds his hand and says promise? Don’t be mad at her. i know she is possessive about chiragh. I understand her. If she doesn’t like me coming here I won’t come at all. I don’t want any problems in your life because of me. She leaves.

Diwan comes to room. Vidya says what is all this? Why should she celebrate here? He says what you mean? She says this is all not right. She shouldn’t interfere in our family issue. Diwan says you are possessive about chiragh. Vidya says you don’t know what happened in the school. He says I ask you not to go to school. i know rest of the story too. Chiragh fought someone and she took his side and you fought her. Vidya says this is a lie. He says yes only you speak truth. He says she is doing so much for us. You should thank. Vidya says I don’t think she is good for him. She better stay away from chiragh and my family.

Scene 2
Vidya gets chiragh ready for school. He says mummy why you silent? Ba asked you not to come to school is that why you are mad? She says pack your bag and go downstairs. Focus on studies only. He says okay mummy.
Vash’s dad comes to the house. Vidya says you are Vashnavi’s dad? Diwan says Madhav ji you came? He says vidya he is my new driver. give him out house. He will shift here. Diwan says I am going to office come there. He says chiragh lets go we are getting late. They leave. Vidya says where is vash? Madhav says she is out. Vidya says she is such a nice girl. She saved my life without caring about hers.

Madhav says to vash you know this house is of the woman you saved life of. She is very nice. They pick their stuff. Chiragh sits in the car. He doesn’t feel good while walkin past the gate.
Vash and Madhav come to the room. They unpack. Madhav says if you are hungry eat from the lunch box. I am going to office. He leaves.
Chiragh comes to school. All the kids were laughing. Bulbul says they are laughing at you. You are nothing in front of the girl you fought. She is more powerful than you. She took you to principal and you couldn’t do anything. Chiragh throws their bags here and there in anger. All the kids say sorry to him. Chiagh says if I meet her I will show her who is more powerful.

Vash comes to the house. She says if you need anything let me know. i can do anything. Shanaya says she speaks so much. Manjila says she is such a good baby. Where did you come from? Vidya says she is daughter of diwan’s new driver. They are staying in servant quarter. Vash says I will do all the work. Vidya says your dad works why do you want to work. Manjila says you should study. Vash says I went for admission to the school where I met you. Vidya says then why you didn’t get an admission there? She recalls what happened in the school. She says the fees is high. if I earn that will help papa. Manjila says she is such a nice girl but we don’t ask kids to work. Vdiya says ma is right. Kids shouldn’t do all this. you should study and play. She goes to temple. Vash says will you help me God? My papa works so hard. Vidya says we can’t talk to God like this. Vash says she should help me.
If I could earn a little it would help my dad. Vidya says okay I can give you work but its not work like work. But you can do it. Will you? she says yes.


Kuldeepak 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vash comes to school. Kamiya doesn’t feel good. Chiragh throttles her. He says what you think of yourself.You don’t know my powers.