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Kuldeepak 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Kuldeepak 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Kuldeepak 28th March 2017 video watch online HD on

Scene 1
Vidya feels pain. She faints down and sits down. Everyone sits down with her. She screams with pain. The beast is making circles on the ground. He smiles. Vidiya recalls that she promised in temple she would do the pooja. She says I feel better. I will do this. She gets and walks. BAa and Sheila help her. the beast is running on the roads. The pooja starts. Baa says you did the pooja. Come rest now. Vidiya says I feel here that I feel good.
Diwan calls Alpesh and asks him to bring Vidiya home. He says she is not agreeing. Diwan says this is too much. She believes in these stones. As if they would do some miracle.
Vidiya does the arti. The beast comes there. He falls down and stands up in anger. He runs towards the temple again but falls. He says I was so close. you stopped me.

Alpesh comes and says Diwan said we have to go home. He asked me to keep informing. Baa says we can’t leave the arti. He says but he is pissed off. Vidiya says lets go.
The beast says no one can save her.

The beast does his mantra at night and says only few days are left in 27th.
Diwan makes vidya eat. He says only 2 days are left in 27th.
Sheila gives Vidiya little bangles. She says she would look so good in this.

Scene 2
The beast says next morning this day shouldn’t go in vian.
Baa says why does today feel so heavy.
Diwan says on call I will come receive CM. He says to Vidiya I will have to go. I know I should be with you. She says but you have responsibilities. I remember your dialogues. He says I dont’ wanna go but.. She says but what? He says I will call them and say no. She says no no you should go.
Babuji says baa to call me if anything happens. Take care of Vidiya. Why you look worried? She says nothing and sits in the temple. Baa says in heart maa please stop the delivery for today.

A woman comes outside their house and cleans the road. Alpesh asks her to go away. Diwan is leaving. he smiles and Vidiya and gives her a flying kiss. He leaves. Vidiya comes in balcony. The woman looks at her. She doesn’t feel well. Diwan looks at Vidiya and sits in the car. Vidiya comes in room. She is not feeling well. She drinks water.
The woman is still outside. She did some magic on her water.
Vidiya comes downstairs. she says baa you called me? Baa says you don’t have to work and walk slowly. Shanaya says baa you called me? Vidiay says show cat walk to ma. Shanaya says I was miss Chandigarh. She walks. Baa walks with her too. Vidiay screams. She sits down. They take her to bed. Baa says please spend tonight. Please. Don’t give birth today. Vidiya is crying. Diwna comes home and picks her up. He says I can’t believe you didn’t take her to hospital. What would you answer if something had happened to her? He puts her in the car and says we are going to hospital. They leave.

Diwan says please don’t cry Vidiya hold on. Everything will be fine. Suddenly the car stops. Vidiya is crying. His car doesn’t start.

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