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Kuldeepak 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kuldeepak 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Vidya shows Vash all the idols they have. She says will you help me making them? She says yes. Vidya says I am making them for an exhibition. We have to decorate them with love. Vash says i used to do that in temple. She starts painting them. Vash says I want to study and make my dadu and papa proud. I was always first in class. Vidya says God will fulfill all your dreams.

Chiragh gives bulbul the flower. She says I promised that day but that stupid vash ruined everything. Bulbul says thank you I didn’t like that girl. I hate her. Chiragh makes her cartoon and all kids throw planes on it.
Vash enters the school. She enters the class. Chiragh says you.. He says hey Goti master. I got the admission. This class is now mine too. She picks all the paper planes. All the kids make fun of her. She says stop. Chiragh says there is no place for you in this class. Bulbul says yes go. All the kids follow them. Bulbul says we won’t let you stay in our school. She sits. Chiragh says get up from here. She says leave my hand. SHe shoves him. Kamiya comes and sees all this.

Scene 2
Vidya keeps calling someone. she is worried. Shanaya says you came to take mummy’s meds? What happened? Vidya says calling chiragh but he isn’t picking up. Shnaaya says call outside. Vidya leaves the meds and goes outside. Shanaya replaces the meds.
Kamia says to principal why you gave that vash admission? He says she is very nice girl. We all know chiragh that he might have started the fight himself.
Manjila takes the meds and thorws up. she is falling down. Everyone comes and says what happened ma. Shanaya says you took your meds. Sheila says call the doctor. Vidya calls the doctor.

Chiragh stops Vash. He says will you be my friend? She shakes hand and says friends. He says I am here. He creates many shadows and says vashnavi I am here. She gets scared. She cries and runs out. The door closes itself. Chiragh throttles her. He dreams all this, In reality she is not scared at all. She shoves him and says don’t try to scare me. you are so stupid. There is only one in front of me. He says there are four chiragh’s in this room. Vash says I think you are mad.
Doctor says these meds are for low BP patients. It shoots BP. shanaya says vidya brought those meds. Vidya says but I brought the right meds. Shanaya says maybe your focus was out. you were worried calling chiragh. Paresh says how can you be so careless. This is too much vidya.

Chiragh says how she came here. how she got admission. I hate her. My friends make fun that I am nothing in front of her. Kick her out of school. Kamiya says we can’t do that. Your mom got her admitted in the school. Chiragh says how she knows her. Kamiya says ask your mom. Chiragh says I won’t let her do that. I will be mad at her if she doesn’t listen to me.


Kuldeepak 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Chragh says why you got her in my school.I will hit her wherever I see her. He sees Vash. Chiragh says what are you doing here. At night chiragh tries to hit her with bat.