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Kuldeepak 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Kuldeepak 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Vidya is watering the plants in garden. Chiragh says mummy play with me. Vidya says I have a lot of work. Chiragh says whom should I play with then? Vidya says let me make breakfast for everyone then I will play. He says no I want to play right now. I listened to you last night. I let you check my head. Vidya says I asked you to stay quite about it. Forget that I ever checked your head. He says what are you hiding from me? Vidya says you won’t talk on this topic after today. Chiragh says you lied to me. Vidya says what lie? He says that you love me. Vidya says that is the truth. Every mom loves her child.. Chiragh says then why are you not playing with me? Chiragh says I know you don’t wanna play with me. I am going to play with papa. He goes inside.

Vidya serves everyone breakfast. Paresh gives Vidya a file. she says what is it? Paresh says this is our greatest project till now. We named it chiragh enterprises. This will save his future forever. Manjial says its his gift for Chiragh. Manjial says why are you so lost? Vidya says chiragh is so young. Why we need to do all this. Paresh says I want to save my child’s future. Manjila says yes. We don’t see anyone but Chiragh. Paresh says he will make us so proud. Vidya recalls what Yashodin said. Vidya says in heart they don’t know the truth. The tea cup overflows. Manjila says vidya are you okay? She says I don’t know how this happened. Let me clean. Sheila says don’t worry. I will. Give Diwan the tea and tell him this good news.

Vidya takes Diwan’s tea. She hears Diwan saying chiragh leave me. Save me. She drops the tea. When Vidya comes to room she sees chiragh throttling Diwan. Diwan i saying help me. Chiragh leave me. Vidya recalls when chiragh killed yashodin. Vidya shoves chiragh away. She says stay away from him. He is devil. don’t go near him. Diwan picks up Churagh. He says you shoved him so harshly. We were playing. What is the matter? She says I felt like.. Chiragh says mummy keeps scolding me. Diwan says mummy really loves you. Diwan says she can’t scold you. Chiragh says she scolded me when I asked her to play with me. And now she is asking you not to play with me either. Diwan says you were saying he is devil? Yes he is devil. He laughs. Diwan says its his age. Vidya says I was worried. Diwan says we were just playing. You thought he will actually kill me? Diwan hugs Vidya. He says I really liked though. I heard when a woman becomes a mother her child become first priority and papa’s love abates. But I am glad to see you still love. Chiragh says and how much you both love me? Diwan says this little. Chiragh says I won’t talk to you. Diwan hugs him and says we love you so much. They both play with each other.
Vidya says chiragh is diwan’s life. When he gets to know what is inside Chiragh he will be so broken. How will he face the reality.

Diwan says let me go to office now. Chiragh says see mummy I won. No one can beat me. He laughs. Vidya says enough. Stop laughing. Chiragh says you won’t let me laugh now? I won’t talk to you. Vidya hugs him and says sorry. Chiragh says I don’t want to talk to you. Vidya says friends.. he says I have only one friend. Bulbul, I will talk to her. I will go to school. Vidya recalls when he injured Yash. Vidya says you won’t go to school today. We will have fun at home. Chiragh says no I will go to school. Vidya says you wont go to school. He says I will. Vidya says you won’t. Why don’t you listen to me. She locks him in the store. Chiragh says mummy what are you doing. Please let me go to school. I will never annoy you. Please let open the door mummy.
Vidya says how can I send you to school. Your truth has tied up my hands. I can’t leave you alone anywhere.

Scene 2
Everyone is on breakfast table. Paresh says what do you think about our new project diwan? Diwan says what project. Paresh says Vidya you didn’t tell him about our new project? Where are you lost? Diwan says yes she is so lost. When I and chiragh were playing she thought he would actually kill me. Vidya says in heart how can I tell him the truth. Paresh says let me tell you. Our new project is launching chiragh enterprises. Bhagat says thats such a good news. Manjila says where is chiragh? Doesn’t he have to go to school. Vidya says he must be here and there. Shanaya says I haven’t seen him since morning. Everyone asks vidya where is chiragh? Vidya says he was arguing a lot since morning so I.. Shanya suddenly screams. Everyone asks what happened. She points at chiragh. Chiragh is standing there with a snake. Everyone is scared and screams. Diwan says chiragh leave it.

Vidya says in heart he has no fear. Chiragh throws the snake away. Diwan hugs him. He says are you okay? did it bite you? Chiragh says the snake was coming in from the window so I stopped it. Alpesh says wow you are so brave. Superman. Bhagat says yes chiragh is so brave. Vidya sees red light in chiragh’s eyes.

Kuldeepak 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vidya says to Manjila yashodin said if a devil comes inside a human he can’t live in society. Vidya says what should his mother do? Manjila says the mother should kill her motherhood to save the society.

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