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Kuldeepak 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Kuldeepak 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Manjila sees Chiragh floating. She is dazed. Manjila shouts Chiragh. He laughs. Manjila faints. Chiragh comes back on ground. He is laughing. Manjila opens her eyes and sees him. Chiragh stands up and looks in Manjila’s eyes. He runs from there. Manjila keeps seeing him. Chiragh runs on the road. He comes in front of Vidya’s car and falls. Vidya picks up him. She says chiragh open your eyes. She says how he came here. Chiragh says please save me. Vidya says nothing happened to you. You are fine. Ba.. Vidya says what ba? Chiragh says she was taking me to temple. I said no. Then she.. Vidya says then she what? Chiragh says please ask ba not to force me. I get scared. Take me home please. Vidya says we will go home but I need to meet ba first. Where is she? Chiragh points there.
Vidya and Chiragh are on their way.

Diwan comes to hospital. Doctor says he is not in a good state. Diwan says to inspector keep an eye on him. Contact me whenever he gains consciousness. And no one would meet him. Doctor says don’t worry.
Vidya stops near Manjila’s car. Vidya says what happened? He says I don’t wanna go to temple. I am scared of the temple. Vidya says don’t worry. I am with you.
Vidya asks driver where is ba? He says she went to temple with Chiragh. Vidya says I couldn’t find her?
Vidya says dadi took you here right? Where did she go? She find Manjila on road.
Vidya says ma.. You know what could happen today. You knew Chiragh doesn’t go to temple. Why did you take her here? My car could hit him. Are you listening what I am saying. She comes forward and sees Manjila’s condition. She is in a shocked state. Vidya says ma are you listening to me? Please talk to me? What happened to you. Who did this do you? How you got injured? Manjila looks at Chiragh. She gets scared. Vidya says what are you doing here? Please tell me ba. Manjila recalls what happened. She is very scared. Vidya says what happened please tell me? Manjila says he.. She points and chiragh and screams. Vidya says please tell me what happened. Manjila says chiragh… She is fainting. Vidya takes her to the car.

Scene 2
Shanaya asks Dai where is ba? Sheila says I know where they are? They come home. Everyone get scared to see Manjila. They ask how this happened. Manjila is scared. Dai says to Chiragh we have to get rid of her. Alpesh says what happened to her Vidya? Chiragh says dada ji please save me. Paresh says what happened? Why is he scared? Chiragh says ba was forcing me to go to temple. When I said no she tried to shove me from mountain. Everyone gets shocked. Paresh says what are you saying. Chiragh says thats right. I was so scared so I ran. I was about to me hit my mom’s car. Manjila says he is lying. Don’t believe him. Paresh says why would our chiragh lie? Manjila says because he isn’t our Chiragh. Everyone is shocked. Vidya says what are you saying ma. I know you are mad but don’t say this. Chiragh says then who am I?Manjila says he isn’t chiragh. There is something in him. He isn’t our son. Paresh says what is wrong with you. Mankila says I saw with my eyes. He was floating in the air and laughing. He came back then nothing happened to him, Please trust me. I saw with my own eyes. Kick him out of this house. Chiragh hides behind Vidya. He says mummy I won’t leave you. Vidya says this is too much. You are calling my child anything? I was about to lose my child because of you. What you did with him was wrong. Manjila says he isn’t your chiragh. He will kill us all.

Vidya says you are accusing my 5 years old? I don’t know why you are doing all this? My son is everything. I will do anything to prove him innocent. He is only five years old. Manjila says he is devil. He will kill us all. Paresh says please shut up Manjila. You have fever. Manjila says we are in trouble. Trust me. Paresh asks Vidya to take Chiragh upstairs. Manjila says look at his eyes. I am not lying. Paresh says calm down.

Scene 2
Shanya says I think ba is this way because of her age. She shouldn’t have taken that stubborn child to temple. Alpesh says maybe there is some bad eye on him. Shanya says he should be slapped twice. Everything would be fine. Bhagat says I think kaki is not well.
Shanya says this chiragh is only five and doing all this. Bhagat says what are you saying. Shanaya says he is evil.

Diwan says to Vidya I am really worried. I don’t know what is wrong with ma. Vidya says she is a mom. How could she say this about my son? He says I can understand your situation. Vidya says how did ma see him floating? Diwan says she sees supernatural everywhere. She shouldn’t have taken him to temple. I will talk to her. Vidya says please don’t talk to her. She just got calmed.
Diwan says okay. Please don’t worry and you have to take extra care of Chiragh. We don’t know what Yashodoin has done to chiragh. Vidya says we don’t know the truth. Vidya says we have to apoloize ba for hurting him.
Diwan says where is he? Vidya says in his room.
Chiragh recalls everything. He gets up. Chiragh picks a knife.


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