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Kuldeepak 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Kuldeepak 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Vidya is worried home. She recalls everything that happened. She recalls paresh scolding her. Chiragh comes home. Vidya hugs him. She says your papa dropped you home? She sees that Kamiya comes in too. Vidya says why didn’t you come with papa? Kamiya says diwan called and said that he is busy in work so I should drop chiragh home. Chirah says I am mad at you. Vidya says what did I do? kamiya says you got that girl in school who fought with chiragh. I hate her. He sees Vash in the house. Vidya says what happened? chiragh says what is she doing here? I hate her. Vidya says what happened? Kamniya says she fought with chiragh. Vidya says she is your papa’s driver’ daughter. They will live in our out house for some days. Vash is a nice girl. Be friends with her. Churagh says get out of here or I will kick you out. Vash goes out. Vidya says why you behave this way. Chiragh cries and says you are scolding at me because of her. Kamiya says you should support churagh but you are supporting vash. Vidya says its not like that. Chiragh says that is how it is. I will never talk to you. He goes to his room. Vidya says why you keep provoking him? stop interfering in hour house. Kamiya leaves. Kamiya says to chiurah while leaving vash is your enemy. She is very dangerous for you.

Vash says God find a way to get out of all this. I never thought I will meet him ever, He will keep fighting. his mummy is so nice. She does arti. Vidya comes there and does arti Vash. Madahv comes home too. He says thank you for bash’s admission. Vidya says you sing so well. She recalls the voice in her dreams. She recalls that temple.

Scene 2
At night, Diwan says I met ba. Shanaya told me everything. how can you be so careless? Vidya says I don’t know how that happens. He says I know that you were busy all the time calling chiragh. Enough is enough. Vidya says listen. He says I dont’ want to. He says you are over protective and over possessive. She says don’t blame my motherhood. Diwan says what if I lost my mom? You don’t want to hear. Kanmiya tried telling you too. You need understand. Stop being so paranoid about chiragh.

Chiragh picks his bat and says I won’t leave that vash.
Vash is studying in outhouse. Door knocks. She opens the door no one is there. She comes in corridor. Chiragh is about to hit her. Vash saves herself. She holds the bat. Chiragh can’t move. She takes it from him. He shakes his cube. Vidya comes. Vash takes the bat and is about to hit churagh. She stops. She says I could hit you with this but I am not like you. Vidya says to churagh why you wanna hit her? hiragh says she is my enemy. I hate her. Vidya sits there upset. Vash says are you worried about chiragh? I will make him good. Don’t worry. God maybe has sent me to help you. She swipes Vidya’s tears.

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