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Kuldeepak 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Kuldeepak 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Kuldeepak 30th March 2017 video watch online on

Scene 1
Ghulam’s men show them Sikhs they have locked in the small cells. Veer Singh is with them too. Veer says to the other Singh we have to inform them Mahan that there is danger on him. We have to run from here. Ghulam hearts them talking and says they heard about our plans. Kill them all. Veer Singh too. Throw their dead bodies away that Mahan doesn’t even realize I killed them and together.

Scene 2
Mehtab tells Sada Ranjit caught a thief. Sada says but he left him too. Mehtab says he told me that too. We never hide anything from each other. Sada say no one thinks better for a child than her mother. You will grow up. We have to choose our friends well. Sada says I have friend Ranjit. SAda says I am talking about Ghulab Singh. He is so handsome. Mehtab says I don’t like him at all. Sada says and you like that one eyed ranjit? Mehtab says don’t say that. Sada says I didn’t mean that. But Ranjit is a child. He can never be like Ghulab. Mehtab says because he is a lot better than him. Sada says then lets go and see in the jury.

Ghulam’s men try to burn the detained Sikhs.
Mahan says Ranjit has broken a law. You either find that thief or get ready for punishment. You sentence would be 100 belts. Everyone is shocked. Guwaksh says but.. Mahan says Ranjit is in front of his Sardar and not his dad. Here he is not my son, here he is someone who broke a law. Will you bring him here Ranjit or 100 belts? Ranjit says I choose to be punished. Gurwaksh says what are you saying Sahib says Ranjit has decided he won’t catch the thief. He is ready to be punished. Great. Gurwaksh you told me he is very mature? We all saw the truth today. Shame on you Ranjit and what did you do in return? You can’t see right and wrong from one eye. Gurwakhs says shut up. Sahib says don’t take his side. Ghulab comes in with the thief. He says I have your sinner. Here is the thief Ranjit released. Sahib says long live son. I am so proud of you. This is a mature son. Go and take blessings from Mahan. He touches Mahan’s feet. Mahan says stay happy. I hope everyone has a son like you. You proved you are ready for coronation.
He asks Lakhpatrain to punish the thief and keep him detained. the thief appeals for mercy. The soldiers arrest him. Ranjit says stop.. Mahan says you will take his side and go against my decision? Ranjit says our government has stolen something.. Sahib says what joke is this? Gurwaksh says let him speak first. Ranjit says we called him thief but didn’t even ask once what he stole. He stole 2 breads and a little food. Everyone is shocked. Ranjit says he stole but we stole more. It was our duty to give him food for two times. We are equally responsible. If someone has eaten why would he steal? Mahan says we arrange langar everywhere. Ranjit says maybe we need to increase it. This shows there are people who still don’t have food. We have to serve food to our people. Give him work with which he can feed his family too. Today I got to know the sin and sinner are not one. His only sin is hunger and poverty. If I have made a mistake please punish me. Sahib smiles and says this is why we say these kids should be roped in the house. Jai says you are right. We should rope the turban rather on his head. The maturity you need for coronation.. Ranjit proved it today. Ranjit is strong with one eye. He sees everyone equal with one eye. He doesn’t differentiate anyone. More than anyone he is a human.
The one who is looking for shortcomings in his own self rather than others is the real winner. He should be give 100 pats on the shoulder. Gurwaksh says don’t think Mahan. Ranjit is your shadow. Get up and hug him. Mahan stands up and hugs Ranjit. Mahan says you have made me proud today. He orders Lakhpatrain to increase the number of langars and give this man work. He says no one ever in our state will sleep hungry. This camp will be called Ranjit singh food serving. You were right Ranjit should have his coronation too with Ghulab.


Kuldeepak 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Mahan says that means Daya was right. There is a storm coming towards Punjab. Veer Singh in running and Ghulab’s army is running after him. Ranjit sees them.

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